Zygarde Cores & Cells

On your adventure, you will eventually meet a couple of trainers named Sina and Dexio. Both of whom came from the Kalos region. They have granted you the task of finding Zygarde’s cores and cells which have for some reason migrated here from the Kalos region. You will know when you’ve found a core or cell when you see either a red or green shimmer all across Alola. There are a total of 100 pieces you need to find in order to assemble Zygarde’s complete forme.

With the Assembly Unit on Route 16, you will be able to form Zygarde depending on how many pieces you’ve collected. 10 pieces create Zygarde’s 10% forme. 50 pieces creates Zygarde’s 50% forme. Once you’ve collected all the pieces, you can now assemble a Zygarde with its Power Construct ability. You may either assemble its 10% forme or 50% forme, either of which with the Power Construct ability will transform into its Complete Forme when its HP drops below half.

With all that said, here are all the locations of Zygarde’s Cores and Cells. If you click on the number, you will then be linked to the walkthrough where each core or cell is found. Note it does not indicate the order the piece is found, instead it may be helpful if the description of its location is unclear. Some cells will only show up during the day or night, such is noted. If not, then the time of day does not matter and may be found either day or night.

1 Your house (Melemele Island) Your bedroom, next to bed and desk Extreme Speed
2 Hala’s house (Melemele Island) Inside, on balcony Thousand Arrows
3 Olivia’s house (Akala Island) Next to trashcan Dragon Dance
4 Route 9 Police Station (Ula’ula Island) Back of station Thousand Waves
5 Hapu’s house (Poni Island) In hallway Core Enforcer
6 Iki Town (Melemele Island) Night
7 Route 1 Day
8 Route 1 Day
9 Hau’oli Outskirts
10 Trainer’s School 1F, sitting on blue pillow Night
11 Hau’oli City Left side of PMC Night
12 Ilima’s house 1F…
13 Route 2
14 Hau’oli Cemetery
15 Verdant Cavern
16 Route 3
17 Route 3 Day
18 Kala’e Bay
19 Ruins of Conflict
20 Heahea City In front of the Dimensional Research Lab Night
21 Tide Song Hotel Top left corner of the floor
22 Route 4 Just off the main path to the left, coming from Heahea City
23 Paniola Ranch Passed the patch of grass near the gate to the right Day
24 Paniola Ranch End of the ramp on the left, on the left side of area Night
25 Route 5
26 Royal Avenue Day
27 Royal Avenue Night
28 Route 7
29 Wela Volcano Park
30 Route 8
31 Route 8 Day
32 Lush Jungle
33 Diglett’s Tunnel
34 Akala Outskirts
35 Konikoni City Near trio of Pikachu Night
36 Hano Beach
37 Hano Beach Under lifeguard tower Day
38 Malie City Day
39 Malie Community Center Night
40 Malie Garden Upper left corner of garden
41 Outer Cape Day
42 Route 10 Day
43 Hokulani Observatory Night
44 Route 11 Night
45 Route 12
46 Route 12
47 Secluded Shore Day
48 Secluded Shore Night
49 Blush Mountain
50 Route 13
51 Route 13 Night
52 Haina Desert
53 Ruin of Abundance
54 Tapu Village
55 Route 14
56 Route 14 Night
57 Route 15
58 Aether House Day
59 Route 16 Day
60 Ula’ula Meadow
61 Ula’ula Meadow
62 Route 17
63 Route 17
64 Po Town Day
65 Po Town Night
66 Mount Lanakila
67 Mount Lanakila
68 Seafolk Village (Poni Island)
69 Seafolk Village (Poni Island)
70 Poni Wilds
71 Poni Wilds Day
72 Poni Wilds Night
73 Ancient Poni Path
74 Ancient Poni Path Day
75 Ancient Poni Path Night
76 Poni Breaker Coast Day
77 Poni Breaker Coast Night
78 Ruins of Hope
79 Vast Poni Canyon
80 Vast Poni Canyon
81 Vast Poni Canyon
82 Vast Poni Canyon
83 Poni Grove
84 Poni Grove
85 Poni Plains
86 Poni Plains Day
87 Poni Plains Night
88 Poni Meadow
89 Resolution Cave
90 Resolution Cave Day
91 Resolution Cave Night
92 Poni Coast
93 Poni Coast
94 Poni Gauntlet
95 Poni Gauntlet
96 Aether Paradise
97 Aether Paradise Day
98 Aether Paradise Night
99 Aether Paradise B2F…
100 Aether Paradise Mansion, under side table