Grand Trial 3: Ula’ula Island

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Ula’ula means “red” in Hawaiian.

ITEMS FOUND (these links will bring you jump you to that portion of walkthrough)
Note: (*) indicates you may only get those items once per day. (º) indicates a Zygarde Cell collected during the Day (in-game).

Malie City • Big Mushroom
• Grassy Seed
• Rage Candy Bar • Luxury Ball • TM76 Fly • Zygarde Cell x2 (14/100) • Decidium OR Incinium OR Primarium Z
Route 10 • Never-Melt Ice
• X Accuracy
• Berry tree • Lemonade
• Paralyze Heal
• Zygarde Cellº (15/100)
Mount Hokulani • Comet Shard
• Poke Beans*
• Max Potion
• Rage Candy Bar*
• Level Ball
• Moon Ball
• Fast Ball
• Heavy Ball
• TM72 Volt Switch
• TM95 Snarl
• Zygarde Cell (16/100) • Electrium Z
• Steelium Z
Route 11 • Big Mushroom (x2)
• Stardust (x2)
• Star Piece
• Tiny Mushroom
• Quick Ball • TM74 Gyro Ball • Zygarde Cell (17/100)
Route 12 • Big Pearl (x2)
• Pearl (x2)
• PP Up
• Sun Stone
• X Attack
• Berry tree • Burn Heal
• Elixir
• Hyper Potion
• Lure Ball
• Timer Ball
• TM77 Psych Up • Zygarde Cell x4 (21/100)
Route 13 • Moon Stone • Max Potion • TM12 Taunt • Zygarde Cell x2 (23/100)
Tapu Village • Zygarde Cell (24/100) • Rockium Z
Aether House • Luxury Ball (x5) • Zygarde Cellº (25/100)
Route 14 • Max Potion • Dusk Ball (x10) • TM30 Shadow Ball • Zygarde Cellº (26/100) • Ghostium Z
Route 15 & 16 • Normal Gem
• Poke Beans*
• PP Max
• PP Up
• Berry Tree • Casteliacone*
• Hyper Potion
• Rare Candy
• TM83 X-Scissor
• TM93 Wild Charge
• Zygarde Cellº x2 (28/100)
Ula’ula Meadow & Lake of the Sunne • Adrenaline Orb
• Flame Orb
• Red Nectar (x2)
• X Sp. Defense
• Repeat Ball • TM03 Psyshock • Zygarde Cellº x2 (30/100)
Route 17
Po Town
Ruins of Life
Hano Grand Resort
Aether Paradise


Malie means “calm” in Hawaiian.

ITEMS: Grassy Seed, Luxury Ball, Rage Candy Bar, Zygarde Cell x2 (14/100), Big Mushroom, TM76 Fly

And here, it seems as if Ula’ula can be compared to the Big Island, or the Island of Hawaii. Immediately upon landing on shore, Hau challenges you to a battle! What’s new…
Pokemon Trainer Hau: Raichu lvl. 28, Vaporean lvl. 28, Dartrix lvl. 29
Wait a second, since when did Hau have an Eeevee to get a Vaporean?! Lol. After you’ve beat him, he’ll want you to meet Kukui on Malei Garden. Straight after, you should see a Pokemon Center. You may stop by here to get your once per day treats and stock up on other items. When you’re ready, go meet the professor at the Malie Garden. You won’t be able to explore the city any further as Lillie will be blocking the way and stopping to remind you to go see him.


When you’ve entered the Garden, you’ll see Hau. You both split up to look for Kukui. You won’t be able to ride any Pokemon in this garden as well. Let’s start to the right. Follow the path around and you should pass a Slowpoke and its Trainer. You should then see a trainer just before a grass patch, ready for battle. Go all the way down and you should find an item (Grassy Seed). [FISH] There will also be a rock here that you may fish from!
Sightseer Mitch: Persian lvl. 27, Marowak lvl.26
Go back now to the bridge and head off to the left. Just passed the first grassy patch, you should see a trainer walking around, ready to battle. Enter the 2nd patch of grass, and if you follow along the edge you’ll find an item (Luxury Ball).
Preschooler Ailey: Cleffa lvl. 26
You should now be at a point where you choose to cross a bridge, or go even more forward. You could try costing the bridge, but the girl in the way will not allow for you to go around her. So you are forced to go around. You will notice the pond takes shape of a Pokemon! [FISH] There’s also a rock that you may fish from here. It’s located at the tip of the ledge you were walking on to get to the main body of gras. Now that we’re on the largest peace of the greenery of the garden. You will see Kukui sitting down. If you talk to him, you and Hau will tell him about your encounter with the Ultra Beast and will tell you the next island trial is located on Route 10. He’ll be waiting at the Bus Stop for you. Before meeting with him, let’s make sure to go through the entire garden. Further from where Kukui was sitting, you’ll see 2 trainers and an item (Rage Candy Bar). Apparently, people from Johto built this garden. No wonder Rotom Dex was feeling Johto region (heavy Ecruteak nostalgia) vibes eh? Were you feeling them too because I know I was. [FISH] There will be another fishing spot near the smaller bridges to the north. Crossing the bridge, you’ll see a trainer ready for battle.
Sightseer Akali: Raticate lvl. 26, Raichu lvl. 27
After the battle, pass through the 2 grassy patches and you should see a glimmer. You found another Zygarde Cell (13/100)! Going back to the main area, toward the tower, you should find an item (Big Mushroom) just after passing through the grassy patch. Once you’ve gathered everything from the garden, it is time to head out!


Just as you exit the garden if you look to your left, you’ll see Lillie again. She’ll ask for you to meet her at the Library. Then you’ll see two trucks and a shimmer. You got it, there’s another Zygarde Cellº (14/100) here! You continue walking down, and then you’re stopped by a very tan man. Rotom calls him Professor….it’s Professor Oak! Samson Oak. Cousin to Samuel Oak from Kanto. He also says to meet him at the Library if you ever need a chat. Anyways, let’s do some exploring! The first shop you’ll see is a Malasada shop, the sell Spicy and Bitter Malasadas…uh….ok….However, if you’re down to buy and try one for your Pokemon, go on right ahead. The next shop on this road is a Restaurant. [TRADE] Here, you’ll find someone willing to trade their Happiny for your Pancham. She will be located in the rightmost area wearing a sun hat. Now, enter the street–you should be on a Circle road. The first shop, starting from the right is a Boutique! [TASK] Inside, you will find a gentleman on the very left side of the store that wants you to find a Togedemaru for him. Catch one and show him the Dex entry and he’ll give you something in return. The shop next door is a Hair Salon! Now go all the way down to the Library, you should see Lillie.

She says she got lost…again. What’s new. Then a familiar face comes along. Hapu! She’s kind enough to offer a ride on her Mudsdale as it strong enough to carry 2 people! For now, you and Lillie enter the Library. She leaves to go find a particular book while you stay downstairs. Good thing too because if you go to the left, a lady wearing a sun hat is not from Alola and has some questions. Answer them and she’ll give you a TM76 Fly! Although we have our trusty Charizard, having the move for battles will be nice! [TASK] In the very back, left corner of the floor, you’ll see Professor Oak. He’s studying regional variants and asks if you know about them. Of course you do and he then asks if he could see an Alolan Persian. Catch/Evolve one and show it to him when you can.

Now, go upstairs. You’ll see Lillie still searching for the book then a girl comes along and has found it for her! After reading the passage, the girl, introduced as Acerola, says the book belonged to her Dad. After this encounter, you may leave the library and head onto Route 10 for your next Island Trial!


ITEMS: Never-Melt Ice, Lemonade, Paralyze Heal, Grepa Berry, Qualot Berry, Hondew Berry, X accuracy, Zygarde Cellº (15/100)

[TASK] The moment you step onto the route, you’ll notice an old lady to your character’s right. She’s asking you to find her Stufful and tell it to go back to her. Do so and she’ll give you something in return. She has 8 missing Stufful….8?! How is she carrying more than 6?! Cheat. Anyways, she’ll give you a Never-Melt Ice as well as a monetization compensation as a reward for bringing back her Stufful. Moving on, as you walk down the path, you’ll see a large boulder to your character’s left. Interact with it and you’ll find a Lemonade. On this path, you’ll see some shaking trees, this means there’s a Pokemon in it and if you get close enough it’ll initiate a battle with you. Most of them will be bird Pokemon, so get ready to fill your Rotom Dex! Continuing down the path, you should see a trainer ready for battle.
Firefighter Alex: Poliwhirl lvl. 28
Just passed the grassy patch this trainer is standing along, you should see an item (Paralyze Heal). Then you should find a tree with berries (Grepa, Qualot, Hondew) sitting at its base. Take them! Right next to this tree is a girl who will kindly heal your Pokemon if you need it! Continuing down the path, you’ll see a trainer to your character’s left.
Beauty Andrea: Steenee lvl. 27
On the grassy area on Beauty Andrea’s side, there will be an item (X Accuracy) in the bare area of the grass patch. Now if you cross to the other grassy area, you should see a shimmer which means you’ve found a Zygarde Cellº (15/100). It will be by some plants and behind the Trainer Tip sign. In the grass patches next this, you’ll find a Police Officer waiting for a battle.
Police Officer Mitchell: Growlithe lvl. 28
Continuing on, you’ll see some Team Skull grunts doing their weird hand gestures at the Bus Stop. They’re offended to even think they were not capable or could not take the Bus and challenge you to a battle.
Team Skull Grunt: Golbat lvl. 27
Team Skull Grunt: Raticate lvl. 27
After successfully beating them both, they’ll run away and Kukui shows up. To hop on the bus, you have to interact with the Bus Stop sign. When you’re ready, click on it! The Exeggutor Express will pop right up. You’ll be immediately transported to Mount Hokulani.


Hokulani means heavenly star in Hawaiian. Hoku meaning star and Lani meaning sky, heaven, royal, and majesty.

ITEMS: Rage Candy Bar (once per day), Poke Beans (once per day), Level Ball, Moon Ball, TM72 Volt Switch, Fast Ball, Heavy Ball, Max Potion, TM95 Snarl, Comet Shard, Zygarde Cell (16/100), Electrium Z, Steelium Z

Once you’ve arrived, Kukui will inform you that Mount Hokulani is the 2nd tallest mountain peak of all of Alola. The 1st being Mount Lanikila, which you can see from where you’re standing. Mount Lanikila harbors the Legendary Pokemon of Alola, says Kukui. He says the Moon Incarnate is there and it is where he plans on establishing Alola’s Pokemon League…COOL! He basically wants to put Alola on the map, a phrase we use here in Hawaii as being less recognized for many things.

As usual, let’s first head into the Pokemon Center. At the Cafe, you’ll be given a Rage Candy Bar, once per day. You’ll also get Poke Beans, once per day. Once you’re all done here, you may exit. From the PMC, walk north and take a right after you pass some trucks. Behind them you’ll find an item (Level Ball). If you walk even further south, you’ll see Professor Oak here too. Talk to him and he’ll give you a Moon Ball. After the conversation, he magically disappears. If you keep going left, you should come to a full circle!

Before going into the Observatory, let’s climb down the mountain road and challenge some trainers and let our Pokemon level up. If you’re not down to do so, just skip ahead to the Observatory section. [TASK] Going down the mountain, you’ll see a trainer to your left. He says if you battle all the trainers on Mount Hokulani, he’ll battle you.
Veteran Akira: Absol lvl. 30
So with that said, let’s go find those trainers! Not long after, you’ll find a trainer ready for battle.
Office Worker Jessica: Cleffairy lvl. 28
Moving down the mountain, take the detour to your right. Follow the path and it should lead you to a TM72 Volt Switch! Coming back to the main road, you’ll see an item (Fast Ball) to your left as you go further down. Walking down the road, you’ll see a Hiker walking up and down it, ready for battle.
Hiker Thomas: Boldore lvl. 27, Geodude lvl. 28
After the battle, go down the road more and you’ll see another detour to your left. In its open space, you should see an item (Heavy Ball). On the opposite side of this space, passed the grass you should see a trainer that is ready for battle.
Collector Todd: Passimian lvl. 28, Oranguru lvl.28
Hop down the ledge and you’ll find another item (Max Potion). Jump the ledge again and from here you’ll be able to go back to the main road. And with that, you should have battled every trainer on the road. Go back to the beginning and challenge that trainer (trainer info located at after task)! This guy is quite tough, especially having an Absol with a Z-move. Be sure you’re ready to face him! For the awesome battle, he’ll give you TM95 Snarl.

Now that our team has grown stronger and got some cool new items, let’s head into the Observatory. Don’t forget to heal your Pokemon if needed! As you come close to the entrance, you’ll meet Molayne. He runs the observatory as well as manage the PC boxes we aggressively use! Molayne is not the Captain here but he used to be. Captain Sophocles (hm, that name sounds familiar…) is out on an errand. So instead, he’ll check out your battling skills and challenge you to one!
Pokemon Trainer Molayne: Skarmory lvl. 29, Dugtrio lvl. 30, Metang lvl.29
After your battle, Kukui leaves to go back to Malie City. He wants to make sure Hau gets up here safely too. How sweet. Before we go inside the observatory, don’t forget to heal your friends! Now, you may go inside the observatory! Talk to the guy on the very left side of the room, he’ll give you a Comet Shard. Go through the doors to the north. You have the option to go left or right. Go left, at the end of the hallway, you’ll see a Zygarde Cell (16/100) shimmer! Go back to the hall and go through the yellow/purple door. Here you’ll see Sophocles…the guy from the Festival Plaza! He’s a Captain?! Weird. Anyways, he asks if you play at the Festival Plaza and he determines it’s time for your trial right then and there. What?! Apparently, he has a device that can summon the Totem Pokemon. So he tries the device that he’s never used before and–he blows a fuse. And now we’re about to complete this trial…in the dark…through a series of quizzes. No biggie right?! Just choose the appropriate answers and you’ll be fine. As per usual, the Pokemon you face are uncatchable during the trial.
Totem Pokemon: Vikavolt lvl. 29
As a reward for completing the trial, you are gifted Electrium Z from Sophocles. Molayne will also do you a solid and gives you a Steelium Z. He then gives you Kukui’s Battle Royal mask as it seems he’s forgotten it. Lol. That was your last errand on Mount Hokulani. If you have not already, please be sure to go and battle those trainers down the road. I mean, you get monz when you beat them! Anyways, if you’ve been following this to the T, take the bus back down to the base!

Back in Malie City, go to the garden. You’ll see that some grunts are messing with Kukui. Time to let them know that that attitude will not be tolerated around here. Except, Kakui sticks it to them and challenges them to a Battle Royal. Then another Team Skull thug shows up–Admin Guzma. So now they be calling each other out, and then you’re suddenly dragged into it. Not that you mind anyway. Guzma notices your Z ring and then challenges you to a battle, vowing to destroy you! Show em who’s the REAL BOSS.
Team Skull Boss Guzma: Golisopod lvl. 31, Ariados lvl. 30
After beating Guzma, Kukui will give you a Decidium/Incinium/Primarium Z (deepening on the starter you chose)! You give him the mask and he says he’ll give it to the Masked Royal…sure buddy, sure. You’re then met with Lillie and Acerola. Acerola says the next trial is past Route 11. With that said, heal up and let’s go to Route 11!


ITEMS: Stardust (x2), Big Mushroom (x2), TM74 Gyro Ball, Star Piece, Tiny Mushroom, Zygarde Cell (17/100),  Quick Ball

Once you’ve entered the route, there will be a lady to your right. Keep her in mind as shell be able to heal your Pokemon when necessary. In the grass patch nearest to her, on your Stoutland, you’ll find a hidden Stardust. You’ll also see a grass patch to your left. Check through it and you’ll find an item (Big Mushroom). If you continue towards your right, you’ll see a couple of trainers ready for battle.
Athletic Siblings Alyssa and Sho: Herdier lvl. 27, Fletchinder lvl. 27
On your Stoutland, if you Search the grass patch right across of these guys, you’ll find another Stardust. If you walk a little more, you should see an opening where you’ll find TM74 Gyro Ball. Now if you continue along the wall the siblings were at, you will find a Star Piece when using Search. At the end of this road, where the 2 roads merge, a trainer is ready for battle.
Preschooler Hayden: Stufful lvl. 26
If you look at the grass patch where Preschooler Hayden is, you should see an item (Tiny Mushroom) sitting in the grass. Farther down the path, you’ll see a trainer doing sit-ups. Although he’s exercising, he’s ready to battle.
Black Belt Clayton: Hariyama lvl. 28
On the path you should see a green shimmer, which means you’ve found another Zygarde Cell (17/100)! In the grass patch to the right of the Black Belt, you’ll find an item (Quick Ball). In the grass patch across the path, you’ll find a Big Mushroom. And finally, you’ve reached the end of the Route. The Trial Guide checks to make sure you have the right Z-Crystals. When you do, she opens up the barricade ahead. She informs you the next trial uses Ghost-type Pokemon. Better suite up some Dark types. Go through the barricade and you’ll enter Route 12.


ITEMS: Burn Heal, Zygarde Cell x4 (21/100), Elixir, Hyper Potion, X Attack, Timer Ball, Sun Stone, Lure Ball, Big Pearl (x2), Pearl (x2), Leppa Berry, Chesto Berry (x2), PP Up, TM77 Psych Up

Going further onto the Route, you’ll be stopped by Hapu. She does you a favor and registers Mudsdale to your Ride Pager! She does it as thanks for what you did for her on Akala Island. [TASK] As you get close to the rocks there, you’ll see a trainer to your character’s left. This guy requests you to challenge all the trainers on the route first and then he’ll give you a battle.
Collector Andrew: Ledian lvl. 28, Pinsir lvl. 29
As soon as you cross the rocks on your Mudsdale, you should see an item (Burn Heal) and a Zygarde Cellº (18/100). After crossing the next set of rocks, you’ll face a few trainers here. First you’ll see the Duo, and then Leilani is on the left side in the maze of grass. Right next to the Duo is another Zygarde Cellº (19/100). Just passed Leilani, you’ll find an item (Elixir). I would recommend going through the maze of grass to the left first, before crossing the rocky path.
Punk Pair Yoko and Lane: Puncham lvl. 29, Krokorok lvl. 29
Rising Star Leilani: Turtouga lvl. 30
Go back, and now cross the next rocky path and you’ll see a trainer pacing back and forth here. Passed him is an item (Hyper Potion). Now cross through the rocky patch.
Rising Star Matthew: Cranidos lvl. 30
Going up the mountain more, should come to an opening where you’ll see a scientist circling a rock and an item (X Attack) in the middle. After you should have the option to either continue up the Route or go to the Geothermal Power Plant. Let’s take the detour and go to the power plant.
Scientist Jayson: Porygon lvl. 28, Magneton lvl. 28


Upon entering the power plant  you will see a trainer ready for battle. Right next to the rocks that are next to the Geothermal Power Plant sign, you should see a shimmer which indicates a Zygarde Cell (20/100). On the left side of the area, you should see a truck. Just beyond that is an item (Timer Ball). If you go through the grassy patch on this side, you’ll also find an item (Sun Stone). Now go inside the building. [TASK] There is a scientist just to the left, standing in front of a pie chart. He says to come back tomorrow and he’ll give you something. To the far left of the room, you’ll see Professor Oak too! Talk to him and he’ll give you a Lure Ball. This is all we’ll be able to do here. Go back to Route 12.
Office Worker Shane: Psyduck lvl. 29, Fearow lvl. 29


Cross over the rock patch or through the grassy patch, it’s up to you. Again, you have the choice of going on a detour to the Secluded Shore or continuing to Route 13. For now, let’s go on the detour. Going from left to right you’ll see a couple trainers ready for battle. Hop on your Stoutland and you’ll find the following items: Big Pearl (x2), Pearl (x2), Zygarde Cell (21/100), and some berries (Leppa, Chesto x2). [FISH] If you hop on your Lapras, you’ll find a fishing rock. And with that, this is all you’ll find on the Secluded Shore. Go back to Route 12.
Swimmer Robert: Wishcash lvl. 29, Sandygast lvl. 30
Swimmer Sara: Alomomola lvl. 30

When going up the hill, you’ll see a grassy patch to your left. Go through it and you’ll find a rock at the end hiding a PP Up. That should be the last of the items here as well as the trainers. Go back to challenge the trainer in the beginning. When you’ve defeated him, he’ll give you TM77 Psych Up. Then continue onto Route 13.


ITEMS: Max Potion, Zygarde Cell x2 (23/100), Moon Stone, TM12 Taunt

When you get there, you’ll see Hau. He’ll give you a Max Potion and not long after Gladion shows up. He asks about a Cosmog and obviously we know a thing or two about it, but we say nothing. Then Gladion actually does something nice and let’s us know that Team Skull is looking for it and we should protect it at all costs. Whoa.

Going back to our own journey, head to the left of the motel. You’ll see a green shimmer and you’ve got yourself another Zygarde Cell (22/100)! [SNAP] If you follow the wall here, you should stumble upon an area where you can take pictures! To the right of the Oasis, you will see an item (Moon Stone). Following the circle of the oasis, right behind a trailer, you’ll find another Zygarde Cell (23/100). If you go to the trailers on the opposite side, enter the one on the right and you’ll see a punk that like scrap. In here?! You ready for the challenge and then he chickens out and gives you TM12 Taunt.

Right now you’re not able to enter the Haina Desert. You have to pass the trial first! With that said, go on to Tapu Village.


Tapu, tabu, or kapu refers to something sacred and holy, in Polynesian cultures. 

ITEMS: Rockium Z (trade), Zygarde Cell (24/100)

When you enter, just follow the path until you see Hau. After he leaves you can continue exploring. First, let’s head to the Pokemon Center to heal up and stock up. [TRADE] There’s a hiker here that is willing to trade his Graveler for your Haunter. He says he wants to see if the rumors are true. I suppose he means if they really do evolve upon trading. Which duh, it is. Anyways, he says his Graveler holds a Rockium Z as well and is in Alolan form. Exiting the PMC, right across you’ll see a chainlink fence and you’ll also see a shimmer. You have found another Zygarde Cell (24/100).

Now you should have the option to go to Route 15 or go to Route 14. Route 14 holds the trial challenge but let’s go to Route 15 and enter the Aether House first.


ITEMS: Zygarde Cellº (25/100), Luxury Balls (x5)

When you’ve entered, Hau will come following you right after. AND THEN, a couple of trainers come up to you both and challenge you to a battle.
Preschooler Hunter: Elekid lvl. 30
Right after, Acerola shows up. Much to everyone’s surprise, Acerola is the Captain you’ll be facing later. Enter the room on the left. In the back corner, you’ll see a shimmer = Zygarde Cellº (25/100). Leave the Aether House. You’ll then see Lillie be harassed by a grunt. You come flying down the stairs to save her and to get this guy to leave, you’ll challenge him to a battle.
Team Skull Grunt: Drowzee lvl. 33
You beat him and he runs off. Lillie was apparently strolling on her own to feel what it meant to be a trainer and then she Cosmog tried to get out of her bag. But anyways, as she was shopping, she thought of you and gifts you 5 Luxury Balls. Acerola will run out after you and tells you the way to get to her trial challenge is from Route 14.


ITEMS: Max Potion, Zygarde Cellº (26/100), TM30 Shadow Ball, Ghostium Z, Dusk Ball (x10)

When you enter the route you’ll notice you’re walking on black sand. Fun Fact: There is an actual Black Sand Beach located on the Big Island (or the Island of Hawaii). Anyways, look at the broken down road to your right. You should be able to find an opening that leads you up. You’ll see an item (Max Potion). Hoping off the ledge, you’ll see some Murkrow. Keep walking down and you’ll be back on the black sand, you’ll notice a fisherman walking up and down waiting for a battle and a collector pacing as well.
Fisherman Hisato: Feebas lvl. 30, Gyarados lvl. 31
Collector Kawika: Togedemaru lvl. 30, Gabite lvl.31
At the very end of the beach, just after the trial site, you’ll see a shimmer. You’ve found another Zygarde Cellº (26/100). You’re a quarter of the way there! Congrats! [FISH] If you go into the water using Lapras, you’ll see a few rocks that you will be able to fish from. And just before you come to the building in the middle of the ocean, you’ll stumble upon a swimmer ready for battle. Hop onto the land, and as you’re climbing up the stairs you’ll find a TM30 Shadow Ball.
Swimmer Keoni: Pyukumuku lvl. 31

When you’re ready, head through the trial gates! Your task is to lure out the Totem Pokemon by taking pictures of the other Ghost Pokemon. Acerola will tweak your Poke Finder so that you may take their pictures. You may only use this mode here however. When you take pictures of the Pokemon, it will initiate a battle with you. Hope you’re ready for this trial!
Totem Pokemon: Mimikyu lvl. 33

When you’ve beaten the Totem Pokemon, you’ll be brought outside where Acerola is waiting for you. For completing the trial, you’ll be given a Ghostium Z. She will also give you 10 Dusk Balls so that you may use them to catch the Pokemon at her trial site. She says there isn’t a room in the back of the Shop where you faced the Totem Pokemon–she thinks you’re just trying to spook her. She then walks away after feeling a cold shiver and in the corner of the screen you can see Mimikyu just walking behind the fence.

If you do end up catching some Pokemon in the mart, you will notice the doorway that you once went through to find Mimikyu is indeed, not there. Ooohhhh, spooky.

ROUTE 15 & 16

ITEMS: PP Max, Rare Candy, Hyper Potion, Zygarde Cellº x2 (28/100), TM93 Wild Charge, Normal Gem, Casteliacone (once per day), Poke Beans (once per day), TM81 X-Scissor, PP Up, Sitrus Berry, Aspear Berry, Persim Berry

[TASK] Immediately when you enter, you’ll see a Trial Guide standing next to the Route 15 sign. She says in order to assess your strength, you have to beat every trainer on the Route. You’ll also get a PP Max for defeating her. Easy enough.
Trial Guide Katrina: Klefki lvl. 34, Skarmory lvl. 34

You’ll also see a bunch of people in front of the Aether House. Go see what’s up. It turns out it’s Plumeria and a couple Grunts. She challenges you to a battle.
Team Skull Admin Plumeria: Golbat lvl. 34, Salazzle lvl. 34
They go off and Plumeria says their Boss wants to meet you…alone. They’ll be at Po Town. To get to Po Town, you’ll need to pass through Route 15. Look for a guy in a Kimono and he’ll help you. You’re then given a Rare Candy from one of the little preschoolers so you can save its Yungoose.

Exit and go down to the beach where you’ll find the guy in the Kimono. You should see a large patch of grass up north. At the very end, you’ll see an item (Hyper Potion). You will also see a trainer as you’re going down the hill onto the beach.
Ace Trainer Yuki: Sandshrew lvl. 32, Marowak lvl. 33
When you get down to the beach, immediately to your characters left should be a shimmer! That is another Zygarde Cellº (27/100). If you get into the water, there will also be a spot which you may fish from. You will also find the guy in the Kimono. Turns out it’s Grimsley from Unova. He flips a coin and you choose heads or tails. For guessing correctly, he’ll register Sharpedo to your Ride Pager. With this Pokémon, you’ll be able to smash through those breakable rocks! So hop in the water and break them rocks. Move along the water and you’ll see an opening to some land. Step off your Pokémon and you should see a trainer ready for battle walking up and down the hill.
Ace Trainer Karla: Vulpix lvl. 34, Haunter lvl. 34, Wigglytuff lvl. 35
There will be a large slab of land where you’ll find a TM right in the center. TM93 Wild Charge. Once you snag your TM, head back into the water. Just as you’re swimming down the ocean, you’ll stumble along another swimmer.
Swimmer Jared: Tentacruel lvl. 33
Keep swimming down and you’ll see a couple of trainers doing some sit-ups that are ready for battle.
Swimmers Yumi and Jake: Golduck lvl. 33, Slowbro lvl. 33
Hop back into the water and before you go back onto land, swim in the water a little more and you should see a swimmer swimming around. She’s ready for a battle!
Swimmer Alexandria: Luvdisc lvl. 33, Alomomola lvl. 33, Corsola lvl. 33

Now you may go back on land. Ride your Stoutland and at the very corner of the left side of the beach, you’ll find a Normal Gem. First thing you should do once you go up the path, is to visit the Pokémon Center. This will make it so you can fly here at any time using Charizard. Talk to the woman sitting at the table near the cafe, she’ll give you a lemonade. [TASK] Talk to the Aether peep and she’ll want you to find a Mimikyu and register the information in your Dex. If you do so, she’ll pay you for the information! You may get a Casteliacone from the cafe, once per day, as well as Poke Beans, once per day. When you’re all healed and stocked up, exit the PMC. Just to the left of the exit, you’ll see a green shimmer. This is another Zygarde Cellº (28/100). Now that you’ve collected that, walk to the right side of this area. You should see an Aether trailer with Spinda in front. Enter the trailer. You will immediately be greeted by familiar faces, Sina and Dexio. They’ll both explain why you were given the Zygarde Cube and why you’re collecting these cells. Keep this place in mind as you’ll need it in order to reassemble Zygarde once you’ve collected all it’s pieces. Granted, you may assemble it with 10% and 50% of its cells as they will produce it’s other forms besides Complete. At this point, you should have well over 10% of his cells. You may start reassembling him so that this form is registered in your Dex! Whatever you choose, begin to exit the trailer. Follow along the side of the trailer and you should be able to interact with the last opening. Once on the other side, you will now have access to the TM you saw earlier. This is TM81 S-Scissor. Continue following along side the mountain now, you should see an item (PP Up). In the grass is a pacing trainer ready for battle.
Scientist Reid: Charjabug lvl. 33, Muk lvl. 33

Now, move to the left side of the map. You’ll see berries (Sitrus, Aspear, Persim) at the base of a tree. Once you’ve collected these, move onto the Ula’Ula Meadow!


ITEMS: Zygarde Cellº x2 (30/100), X. Sp. Defense, Red Nectar (x2), Repeat Ball, Adrenaline Orb, Flame Orb, TM03 Psyshock

[TASK] Once you enter, you’ll see a golfer to your left. Talk to him and he’ll ask for you to challenge all the trainers in the meadow before battling him.
Golfer Dean: Hariyama lvl. 34, Alakazam lvl. 34
Start walking on the planks. You should see a green shimmer to your right. It’s another Zygarde Cellº (29/100). [SNAP] if you go to the opposite corner of where you found the Cell, you should see a place where you can take pictures. There are a couple trainers that can be found on the planks that are ready for battle. First being the Office Worker on the right side of the meadow. Then the other trainer will be on the upper left side.
Office Worker Michelle: Torkoal lvl. 33, Seaking lvl. 33, Leafeon lvl. 34
Lass Rylee: Sneasel lvl. 33, Komala lvl. 34
If you follow the path where you battled Rylee. Just passed the grass patch, you’ll find an item (X. Sp. Defense). Go back to the planks, now we’ll go into the lower area. Start with the dancer trainer who is ready for battle.
Dancer Mireille: Oricorio lvl. 34

As you enter the flowers, you’ll see a shimmer not like the Zygarde cells though. Interact with it and you’ll find Red Nectar. At the very end of those small area to the right you’ll find an item (Repeat Ball). Go down the other set of stairs on the left side of the planks and collect the other Red Nectar. At the end of this patch of flowers you will find an item (Adrenaline Orb). You have also now beat all the trainers in the meadow! Congrats. Go challenge the golfer from earlier if you want to. He’ll give you a Flame Orb. After your battle (or not), go to the end of the meadow. You should now be on the dirt path. Go to the right and go through the tall grass. You should see a green shimmer to the left as you come from the grass. This is another Zygarde Cellº (30/100).

If you continue walking down, you’ll end up in the Lake of the Sunne. You can go to the temple if you want to. Once inside you’ll see a TM. TM03 Psyshock. That is all there is left to do here as the place is in ruins. Go now to Route 17.



Enter the police station to the left and at the end of the room you’ll see a red shimmer. Interact with it and you will find a Zygarde Core (31/100). Sina calls and tells you these differ from cells as they are used to teach moves to Zygarde. Now you have a choice between going straight to Po Town or go right and head into the mountains. If you want to get things over with, continue to Po Town and skip down to that section of the guide. If you would like to grab every item possible, head towards the mountain/rock/dirt/whatever and continue reading.

Once you’re at the mountain area, go up to the first level and to your left, you will find a hidden item (Dire Hit). Continue going up and you will also find an item (Lemonade) to your left. Keep going and you’ll see a grunt ready for battle.
Team Skull Grunt: Golbat lvl. 34
Just behind this grunt is a patch of grass and if you keep going through, you’ll find a Full Heal in the bare spot at the end of it. Hop down the first ledge and you’ll have 2 choices: left or right. Go right first, you will see a Zygarde Cell (32/100) right before another split. Go right again and you will end up on the main path of the mountain. Go back around and now go left first. If you go left you’ll find TM84 Poison, if you go right, you’ll find another Team Skull Grunt. There is also another grunt ready for battle that is standing next the the hedge.
Team Skull Grunt: Mareanie lvl. 33, Formantis lvl. 34
Team Skull Grunt: Salandit lvl. 33

Now that you’ve cleared this area, you may continue onto the main road to Po Town. On your way you’ll see a grunt pacing up and down the street.
Team Skull Grunt: Rattata lvl. 33, Raticate lvl. 34
On the left, at the corner of the wall, you’ll find another Zygarde Cell (33/100). Keep going forward and near the large mossy rock, you’ll find a hidden item (X Attack). Just beyond that is a grassy patch of grass and a berry tree too. Once you’ve found everything, go on in to Po Town.


Po means night, darkness, chaos, or the realm of the gods, in Hawaiian.


Once you get close to the entrance, you’ll be mocked by a duo of grunts and they’ll challenge you to a battle.
Team Skull Grunt & Team Skull Grunt: Drowse lvl. 34, Haunter lvl. 34
When you’ve beaten them, they’ll run away but will not allow you in. Unfair! However, you’ll then be confronted by an unknown guy asking if you’re ready to take on Team Skull. Heck yeah we are! He then tells them to then you in…okay…who is this dude? Unfortunately, you cannot go any further as there is a barricade blocking your path. The grunts in front tell you to find your own way in. First, go right. You’ll find a Max Repel at the end of the path. Next go left and you’ll see a hole in the grassy hedge. Interact with it and you’ll pass through to the other side. Once you’ve gone through, the grunts at the blockade will notice you and will battle you.
Team Skull Grunt: Spinarak lvl.34
Team Skull Grunt: Grimer lvl. 34
When you beat them, head over to the Pokemon Center. You’ll notice it is also overrun by Team Skull…no surprise there. They’ll heal your team for 10 Pokedollars. Exit and keep going forward. You’ll notice another block. If you would like to handle a double battle with a couple grunts AND snag an item (Rare Candy), go right. If you’re a ninny skip ahead and go left.
Team Skull Grunt & Team Skull Grunt: Golbat lvl. 35, Raticate lvl.35

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