Grand Trial 2: Akala Island

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Akala means “pink” in Hawaiian.

ITEMS FOUND (these links will bring you jump you to that portion of walkthrough)
Note: (*) indicates you may only get those items once per day

Heahea City • Poke Beans* • Lava Cookie*
• Rare Candy
• Zygarde Cell (1/100)
• Zygarde Cube
Route 4 • Adrenaline Orb
• Tiny Mushroom
• Mago
• Iapapa (x2)
• Energy Root
• Revive
• Great Ball • Zygarde Cell (2/100)
Paniola Town • Amulet Coin
• Big Mushroom
• Dire Hit
• Repel
• Super Repel
• Ether
• Fresh Water
• Moomoo Milk
• Rare Candy
• Heal Ball • TM10 Hidden Power • Zygarde Cell (3/100)
Route 5 • Star Piece • Cherri
• Persim
• Pecha
• Revive (x3)
• Super Potion
• TM57 Charge Beam
Brooklet Hill • Mystic Water
• X Sp. Attack
• Elixir
• Rare Candy
• Revive
• Dive Ball (x10)
• Net Ball
• Fishing Rod • Waterium Z
Route 6 & Heahea City • X Speed • Carbos
• Lemonade
• Rare Candy
• Super Potion
• TM88 Sleep Talk • Zygarde Cell (4/100)
Royal Avenue • Random Berry • Lemonade
• Rare Candy
• Soda Pop
• Ultra Ball • Zygarde Cell x2 (6/100)
Wela Volcano Park • Charcoal • Burn Heal
• Hyper Potion
• Quick Ball (x10) • TM39 Rock Tomb • Zygarde Cell (7/100) • Firium Z
Route 8 & Route 5 • Big Pearl
• Miracle Seed
• Poke Beans*
• Water Stone
• Pecha (x2)
• Persim
• Ether
• Hyper Potion (x2)
• Sweet Heart*
• Ultra Ball • TM43 Flame Charge
• TM59 Brutal Swing
• TM58 Sky Drop
• Zygarde Cell x3 (10/100)
Lush Jungle • Big Root
• X Attack
• X Defense
• X Sp. Attack
• Hyper Potion • Nest Ball (x10) • TM67 Smart Strike • Forage Bag • Grassium Z
Diglett’s Tunnel • Fire Stone • Hyper Potion
• Max Revive
• Dusk Ball • Zygarde Cell (11/100)
Route 9 & Memorial Hill • Adrenaline Orb
• Big Mushroom
• Cleanse Tag
• Spell Tag
• Super Repel
• Tiny Mushroom (x2)
• X Accuracy
• Hyper Potion • Dusk Ball
• Net Ball
• TM28 Leech Life • Zygarde Cell (12/100)
Konikoni City • Eviolite
• Fossil (Plume / Shield)
• Heart Scale
• Max Potion • Waterium Z
• Pikanium Z
Ruins of Life • Rockium Z
Hano Grand Resort • Black Glasses
• Heart Scale (x2)
• Metronome
• Pearl String
• Antidote
• Soda Pop
• Dive Ball • TM45 Attract • Zygarde Cell (13/100)
Aether Paradise • TM29 Psychic


Heahea is like a warm welcoming/greeting. It’s more welcoming than just saying, “Howzit!” or “What you like?”

ITEMS: Rare Candy, Lava Cookie (once per day), Poke Beans (once per day), Zygarde Cube, Zygarde Cell (1/100)

You’ve made it (safely) to Akala Island! Phew. As you and your friends are laughing and having a good time, two mysterious figures butt into your conversation calling out the professor. Rude. Or not because the mysterious figures happen to be Kahuna Olivia and Captain Mallow! They leave but it looks like someone may or may not have a crush on the Kahuna…or Professor.

Kukui mentions there are 3 trials on the island, compared to only having 1 on Melemele island. 1 of the 3 trials is located just up ahead at Paniola Town. Rotom Dex lets you know you’re in Heahea City. Good to know. [RATER] The Name Rater is located here. He can be found at the Alola Tourist Bureau. This would be the 2nd building on the left as you go down the road.

As you keep exploring, you’ll run into Lillie. She’ll ask for you to accompany her to the Ruins of Life as she notices how much Nebby enjoys your presence. She’ll be waiting at the Tide Song Hotel. Before doing so, let’s explore all of the city first.

Enter the boutique you saw Lillie peering into. [TASK] Talk to the older man on the right side of the room. He’ll ask for you to find Pyukumuku for him and he’ll give you a reward. Score! While you’re here, look through their selection of clothing as they differ from the ones found in Hau’oli City.  When you’re all set, head out toward the Pokemon Center. If you head on over to the Cafe, you’ll get a Rare Candy for giving your Pokemon those Poke Beans, a Lava Cookie from Hoenn (you may only get this once per day), and even some Poke Beans! Also, stock up on some items at the Mart if you haven’t already. By completing Ilima’s trial, the inventory of items at the Mart have now expanded! If you check out the Right clerk, he’ll be selling TMs. Once you’ve stocked up and made personal purchases, don’t forget to heal your Pokemon before leaving.

Unfortunately, this is all you may see for now as when you try to head right a trainer and her Stoutland are “uncovering every last stone.” With that said, head left and north towards the Tide Song Hotel. As you come up to the Tide Song Hotel, you are greeted by trainers Dexio and Sina. They’ll ask you for a battle. Give it all you got!
(Sun) Trainer Dexio: Slowpoke lvl. 15, Espeon lvl. 16
(Moon) Trainer Sina: Delibird lvl. 15, Glaceon lvl. 16
After winning, you’ll be given a Zygrade Cube. Oooueee. Sina mentions the item is used for collecting Cores and Cells for the Pokemon, Zygarde.

Note: Some Zygarde Cells appear during different times of the day. Meaning, a cell may only appear during the night or day (in-game) in different areas. 

Walk in and find Lillie, she’ll say how she missed her meeting and because she was scared she say a Skull thug. She’ll mention a trial just passed Route 4. But we didn’t come here for nothing! At the top left of the room, there’s a shine in the corner. Interact with it and you’ll find out it’s a Zygarde Cell (1/100)! You’ll get a call from Sina and inform you what the creature was and how she’ll stay in touch. Now that we’ve finished up here, let’s move onto Route 4.


ITEMS: Great Ball, Tiny Mushroom, Zygarde Cell (2/100), Revive, Adrenaline Orb, Energy Root, Mago Berry, Iapapa Berry (x2)

The moment you step foot into Route 4. You’ll see a trainer. You have the option to go around him though and through the grassy patches.
Bellhop Jody: Driftloon lvl. 14
If you had decided to avoid him, you’ll see an item (Great Ball) at the curb. Pick it up and move on. You come at a fork in the road, go right and collect the Tiny Mushroom from the rock. After doing so, go back to the left fork and you’ll see something shining on the left side. It’s another Zygarde Cell (2/100)! Continue and you’ll see a patch of grass to your left. Beyond that is a Trainer battle and an item (Revive).
Collector Bryan: Munchlax lvl. 13, Bagon lvl. 14
It is possible to avoid the trainer battle, but you can’t avoid them forever! Back on the main road, again, you have a split. You can go and battle or take the alternate route, go down the ledge and grab the item (Adrenaline Orb).
Sightseer Scotty: Rattata lvl. 14
(You may notice he has a normal Rattata, nice detail there Game Freak). Whichever route you chose, you’ll end up back on the main road. Again, you’ll see another trainer. This time, he is unavoidable. Or he could be, if you’re careful enough.
Cook Ernie: Cutiefly lvl. 14
After the battle, you have 3 options (all of which I urge you to explore): Go north, east or south. Start by going south to pick up an item (Energy Root). Go east and you’ll see berries at the base of a tree…until you’re ambushed by a Pokemon! After catching or battling, the berries (Mago, Iapapa x2) will still be available to you. Head north into Paniola Town.


Paniola is the feminization of the word Paniolo, both of which refer to Hawaiian Cowboys and Cowgirls.

ITEMS: Dire Hit, Rare Candy, Repel, Moomoo Milk, Fresh Water, Zygarde Cell x2 (4/100), Super Repel, Ether, TM10 Hidden Power, Amulet Coin, Big Mushroom, Heal Ball

Upon entering Paniola Town, you’ll be greeted by Hau. He’ll challenge you to a Pokemon battle. Don’t fret if you’re team needs healing because he’ll do so before you start. How sweet.
Pokemon Trainer Hau: Pikachu lvl. 16, Dartrix/Torracat/Brionne lvl. 17
After the battle, he gives you a Dire Hit. You may begin exploring the town. Don’t forget to hit up the Pokemon Center as well after you battle with Hau. As per usual, the Cafe will give you a Rare Candy if you’ve been giving your Pokemon Poke Beans to eat. When you’re all done with the town, head north to go to the Ranch.Not far along, you’ll run into a trainer. You may avoid her if necessary.
Madame Elizabeth: Carbink lvl. 15
After you’ve battled (or not), continue along the path to enter the Ranch. But then, you’ll be stopped. He says the Captain is in and leads you to her. You’ll see Mallow! She’ll do you an awesome favor and registers Stoutland to your Ride Pager! Coooool. While riding Stoutland, it has the ability to Search for hidden items under the dirt. Press B to use Search. You should be able to find Repel, Moomoo Milk, and Fresh Water in the gated area here. When you’ve found every hidden item, exit this area. Go down and you’ll see patches of tall dry grass. If you follow the gate to the right, you’ll see a green shimmer. You know what that means, you found another Zygarde Cell (3/100)! If you continue moving downward you’ll find a Soda Pop (if you’re using Stoutland) and you’ll see a trainer. You may avoid him if necessary.
Pokemon Breeder Glenn: Mudbray lvl. 15
To the left of the trainer, there’s a patch of grass where you can find a Super Repel (if you’re using Stoutland). Continuing further, you’ll find an item (Ether). Now going to the right side of the trainer, follow the path and if you’re still riding your Stoutland, he should lead you to this opening of a gate that is too small for him to fit through. There is an Oval Stone just hidden at the opening of the gate. You’ll notice a home right across of this, it’s the Pokemon Nursery. You may want to utilize this area for breeding. Step inside the Nursery and the woman on the left side of the screen will give you TM10 Hidden Power! When you go back to the main road, if you continue right, you’ll come to another split. If you head north, you’ll get to Brooklet Hill, if you head south you’ll get to Royal Avenue.  First, continue going straight passed the road signs and truck, you’ll find an item (Amulet Coin). In the patch of grass toward Royal Avenue, you’ll find a Big Mushroom when riding. Go even further down and you’ll find an item (Heal Ball). After this, go back to the split. If you decide exploring more, the road leading to Royal Avenue is blocked by Sudowoodo. Apparently after losing to Lana, they’ve been down and have blocked the way. You’ll notice a trainer on the right.
Pokemon Breeder Amanda: Lillipup lvl. 14, Growlithe lvl. 15
Since your path is blocked. You have no choice at this point but to go forward toward Brooklet Hill. You will then stumble along another trainer.
Gentleman Gerald: Sableye lvl. 15
Get through him, and you’re going to now enter Route 5 towards Brooklet Hill. [SNAP] Follow the path somewhere near the fences to the left, you should be able to use the Poke Finder and take snapshots of a Lillipup!


ITEMS: Super Potion, Star Piece, Revive (x3), TM57 Charge Beam, Persim Berry, Pecha Berry, Cherri Berry

Upon entering Route 5, there is a man to the right. If you talk to him, he’ll tell you he’s a trial guide and his duty is to see how strong trial-goers have become. Your task is to delete all the trainers on Route 5. First, take the path to the right and you should immediately see an item (Super Potion). Hop on your Stoutland and use Search. You should be able to find a Star Piece near a rock formation to the right. At this point, this is the farthest you may go. Go through the entire “circle” and you should see a trainer.
Pokemon Breeder Yuka: Morelull lvl.15, Ledyba lvl.16
Go back down to the main road and you’ll see the twin trainers. Battle them!
Twins Isa and Nico: Igglybuff lvl.15, Happiny lvl. 15
When you’ve beaten them, continue moving forward and you’ll see Hau. You’ll see that he’s been losing to a mysterious trainer and clearly not taking him seriously. He then introduces himself as Gladion and is a part of Team Skull. He wants you to battle him. Show him what you got!
Team Skull Gladion: Zubat lvl. 17, Type: Null lvl. 18
After the battle, Gladion yaps about strong opponents and then more Team Skull Grunts show up. Apparently, Gladion isn’t liked very much by Team Skull as he is only hired help. After the confrontation, Hau will give you 3 Revives as he is sure you’ll need it to complete the trial. Instead of continuing forward, take the opening to the left. Continue going left, you have the choice of going up or keep going straight. Go up first and you’ll find TM57 Charge Beam. following the path through the grass. You should see a tree with berries (Persim, Pecha, Cheri) at the base and a trainer.
Pokemon Breeder Cory: Paras lvl. 15, Spinarak lvl. 16
Follow the path and you should stumble upon the Pokemon Center. If you need to, heal up before we continue defeating the trainers on this route. Since we’re here, we’d might as well talk to the people around here. If you go towards the Cafe, you’ll see a scientist. He wants you to do a favor for him. [TASK] He’s doing a study and wants you to catch a Feebas for him. [TRADE] There is also a boy across of him looking to trade his Bounsweet for a Lillipup. There is a man near the Mart carrying a fishing pole, talk to him and you’ll receive a Dire Hit. Exit the Pokemon center and go to the right. You’ll stumble upon another pair of trainers.
Rising Star Duo Lauren and Justin: Rufflet lvl. 17, Lullaby lvl. 17
Aaaand, that should be the last of all the trainers of this route! Heal up at the Pokemon Center if you need to. If not, go on onto Brooklet Hill!


ITEMS: Net Ball, Elixir, X Sp. Attack, Rare Candy, Revive, Max Repel, Waterium Z, Fishing Rod, Dive Balls (x10), Mystic Water

Once you enter, you’ll be greeted by Lana, the captain. She’ll ask you for a favor. You agree and she asks for you to follow her. As you cross the bridge, you’ll see an item (Net Ball) south of you. There’s also a fisherman here, that’s waiting to battle you. You may battle him if you would like. Granted at this point, your team should be in the upper 10s or low 20s, so it’d be good to just train anyway!
Fisherman Ernest: Barboach lvl. 16
After battling (or not), keep following the path. You’ll meet a bunch of new Pokemon here as well in these patches of grass. Don’t hesitate to take your time and catch new friends! If you hop on your Stoutland, you should be able to find an Elixir in the grass near the dirt curb. Continue down the path and you should meet up with Lana. She wants you to investigate a splashing Pokemon in the water. Don’t fret, she’s not asking you to swim out there, but instead she’ll give you a Lapras on your Ride Pager! AHHH COOL! Before hoping into the water, follow the path up north and you should find an item (X Sp. Attack). There will be a trainer here too if you want to battle.
Backpacker Mikko: Fletchling lvl. 17
Go back down the south path, and step onto the pier. There will also be another fisherman here waiting for you to battle him.
Fisherman Herbert: Poliwag lvl. 17
Now from here, you can launch on your Lapras. Head towards the mysterious splashing water. You’ll immediately prompt a battle with the Pokemon! After you’ve caught or defeated the Pokemon go back to the first body of water, where you met Lana the first time. You’ll see a Fisherman on a little island, battle him if you wish.
Fisherman Hal: Tentacool lvl. 17
Right behind him is an item (Rare Candy). Now go back to the body of water where you saw Lana and go all the way to the edge of the lake and you should see some dirt that you may walk on. To land, just keep pushing toward the edge until you get off of Lapras. Upon landing, you should see an item (Revive). Now, follow the path all the way down. Hop on Stoutland, and as you go down the path you’ll find a Max Repel in-between grass patches. As you go even further down the path, you’ll find Lana again. Summon Lapras and investigate with the splashing water again. After catching/defeating the Wishiwashi, you’ll hear more splashing. Go towards the end of the lake again and you should see some land you can walk on again. There will also be a fisherman here waiting for a battle.
Fisherman Carl: Magikarp lvl. 16, Magikarp lvl. 17
After avoiding or battling him, walk down the path. You’ll see Lana once again. (How the heck does she pass us?!). As you follow Lana down the path, you’ll enter the Totem’s Den…which means you’re starting your Trial RIGHT NOW! If you weren’t ready, well you better get ready! Remember, while you’re doing a trial you are not able to catch any Pokemon here. With that said, go to the water and get on your Lapras and challenge the Totem Pokemon! You interact with it and a giant Pokemon springs up on you and Lapras! It’s Wishiwashi in an alternate form!
Totem Pokemon: Wishiwashi lvl. 20
After defeating Wishiwashi, Lana will want to talk to you. Apparently Lana’s distress was a sham and she’s the one who trained all the Wishiwashi. She commends your achievement and gives you Waterier Z, a Fishing Rod, and 10 Dive Balls for completing her trial. Accept her offer and go back to the Pokemon Center. She’ll let you know Kiawe’s trial is next and will take place at the Wela Volcano Park. Before heading off, make a stop at the Pokemon Center and heal your Pokemon. Now that you’re all healed up and have stocked up on necessary items from the Mart. Go back down to Route 5 and interact with the Sudowoodo. Instead of initiating a battle, they run away! Once you’ve cleared them, the little boy standing there will give you a Mystic Water as a thanks for opening the path again. Now, head south to Route 6!


ITEMS: Super Potion, TM88 Sleep Talk, Rare Candy, Carbos, X Speed, Lemonade

So you’ve entered Route 6, aka Straight Street. You should immediately see an item  (Super Potion) to the left as you walk down the path. You’ll also see a trainer to the right waiting for a battle.
Youngster Anthony: Magby lvl. 15, Yungoos lvl. 16
As you come down the pathway, you will see another trainer. Straight Street? You mean Battle City?!
Pokemon Breeder William: Sudowoodo lvl. 17
Right behind the breeder is a patch of grass. Follow it and you’ll see an opening. Go in and you’ll find TM88 Sleep Talk. Walk back out and as you follow the path more, you’ll stumble along some Team Skull thugs messing with a little girl. She says her name is Hapu. The grunts will then initiate a battle with you.
Team Skull Grunt: Drowzee lvl. 17
You beat them and then they peace out super quick when Hapu threatens them with her Mudsdale. Hapu thanks you for your help and recommends you getting your feet wet at the Battle Royal. Before doing so, let’s explore the rest of the route.Continuing down the street, you’ll see a trainer to your right and rocks to your left. Call Tauros and break the rock. You should find an item (Rare Candy) waiting for you there. Break the remaining rocks then hop onto your Stoutland, you should find a Carbos in the bare area here. If you want, you can continue this way and bypass the trainers. In grass patch next to Brittney, if you’re still riding your Stoutland, you should be able to find an X Speed there too.
Beauty Brittney:
 Cubone lvl. 17
Dancer Maika: Oriocorio lvl. 17


If you would like, you may go back (skip ahead) and go to Royal Avenue or you may take the time to explore some new areas of Heahea City. You’ll notice that when you cross into the next area, you’ll merge right back to Heahea City! You’ll also notice the other trainer and her Stoutland are no longer blocking the area. Coolio! Until you realize she’s blocking the way to the Hano Grand resort…ok…that’s fine because we have much more to do!

Unfortunately, the Dimensional Research Lab will be a no-go as the Professor of the lab has stepped out and the receptionist will not allow you to go any further. You’ll have to try again later. But you will notice a green shimmer right in front of the lab. This Zygarde Cell (5/100) will only appear a night. Next you may go to the building next door. Go up the stairs and the sign will read: GAME FREAK. [TASK] If you talk to the 2nd man on the left side of the room, he’ll tell you to come back when you’ve completed all your trials. Seems like he’ll give you something after doing so. If you talk to the lady on the same side, she’ll give you a Lemonade. [TASK] If you talk to the the guy at the top of the right side of the room, he’s the game director. If you’ve completed your PokeDex, come back and show it to him. Exit the room and keep going up the stairs, the sign will read: AETHER FOUNDATION. Apparently, they’re against Team Skull and want to protect hurt Pokemon. It will be good to remember these people and who they are as they will be important later on.

If you continue left, you’ll see a sightseer and he’ll mention how he’s a tunnel enthusiast. He says there is a Diglett’s Tunnel down south. Upon entering, you’ll notice Kahuna Olivia. She says the cave is overrun by Diglett and will not let you pass as even mediocre trainers could not handle them. She’ll turn you away and tell you to complete Kiawe’s trial. So with that, go back to Route 6 and go to Royal Avenue.


ITEMS: Ultra Ball, Zygarde Cell (5/100), Rare Candy, Soda Pop, Berry, Lemonade

Upon entering Royal Avenue, go north. You’ll see an item (Ultra Ball) tucked away in a corner of the road. After that, I recommend going to the Pokemon Center first. Heal and stock up, as per usual. Having completed your last trial, the Mart with again expand. Not sure if I noted that earlier…lulz. Exit the Pokemon Center, if you go to the right, at the very top of the Pokemon Center, you should see a green shimmer. Interact with it and you’ll find another Zygarde Cell (5/100). [SNAP] Now, if you go down to the center of the garden center thingy, you should be able to initiate your Poke Finder! If you’ve been following along, you should now have Version 2 of the Poke Finder, which allows you to zoom in! You’ll need 10,000 thumbs-ups to upgrade to Version 3.

Hop on your Stoutland and let’s uncover some items. Towards the very end of the area, you’ll find a Rare Candy. From the area with the pink flowers, if you go north you’ll see Gladion entering the Battle Royal Dome. He seems to be quite depressed or hard on himself. I kinda feel bad for him. Anyways, still on your Stoutland, go to the very edge again of the area and you’ll find a Soda Pop next to some Team Skull thugs. Now that we’ve uncovered some hidden items. You may now go explore the area.

There is a Malasada shop in the area where we found the Rare Candy. Here they sell Dry and Sour Malasadas. They also have a mart called the Thrifty Megamart, where things are cheaper than found in other marts. Before you enter though, go to the parking lot, and between the Blue and Red truck, you’ll see a green shimmer. You’ve found another Zygarde Cell (6/100)!

Upon entering, you’ll be given a special discount coupon and can be only used here. Go to the clerk on the right, he is giving out free berries. The berry you get changes every day. So come back if you would like another freebie! If you go all the way to the end of the Megamart, you’ll see a little kid and his Driftloon. A familiar Driftloon? Talk to him, and he’ll say to look at his Pokemon. It just so happens to be the same Driftloon you saved from earlier and you’ll get a Lemonade as a token of appreciation. Now, if you would like to purchase anything you may talk to some of the cashiers. The very first cashier on the left side will not let you purchase anything until you’ve shown you’re the strongest trainer in all of Alola. Okay cool…next! The next cashier will be selling some Balls. I would recommend buying some Timer and Nest Balls. They’ll be very useful for your journey and you get money back with the coupon! The third cashier sells different types of healing items and repel. The fourth and final cashier sells a strange souvenir. Doesn’t this look a little familiar? I see you Game Freak!

After some exploring, it is time to enter the Battle Royal Dome. Upon entering, a masked Muchacho will come up to you and talk about the Battle Royal. Except the lack of shirt and facial hair kind of reminds you of a certain someone…professor…The Masked Royal he says! Okay sure buddy. He explains how the Battle Royal works and everything and urges you to battle. Hau also shows up and wants to battle, and then The Masked Royal also gets Gildeon to battle too as well as him. A foursome he says….OKAY GAME FREAK. YOUZ A FREAK ALRIGHT. Anyways, the battle commences! After the battle ends, Kiawe will notice you and wants you to face him and his trial at the Wela Volcano Park.


Wela means hot, heat, warm, and all other variations, in Hawaiian.

ITEMS: Hyper Potion, Zygarde Cell (6/100), Charcoal, TM39 Rock Tomb, Burn Heal, Firium Z, Quick Balls (x10)

At the edge of Royal Avenue, there will be an opening at the top right corner. This will lead you into Route 7. There is only 1 way to go from here and that is towards Wela Volcano Park. The opening to the rest of Route 7 is barricaded until you’ve completed Kiawe’s Trial. So go on towards the park.

Walk through the grass and up to the second tier of the mountain and as you follow the path, you should see an item (Hyper Potion). As you go up the third tier, you’ll see a trainer prepared for a battle.
Sightseer Mariah: Meowth lvl. 19
Going up the mountain now, there will be an entrance next to another trainer and an item (Burn Heal) that we cannot reach yet. Go through the cave entrance and you’re immediately brought to the very top. Nifty. Talk to the trial guide and she’ll heal your Pokemon for you. Niftier. You have the option to go through the trial gate or go back down the mountain by following the path to the left. Really, the choice is up to you. But if you’d like to train more before attempting this trial, follow my recommendations below.

First, go back down the mountain. Don’t be gung-ho and run down the mountain super quickly. On the 2nd ledge, you’ll see a green shimmer. This would be another Zygarde Cell (6/100). Now hopping to the next ledge, you’ll see another item (Charcoal). Go through the next entrance and you’ll now be on the right side of the volcano. Immediately after entering, besides the sister trio trainer, there will be an Ace Trainer walking up and down the walkway ready for a battle.
Ace Trainer Jim: Kadabra lvl. 21
Continuing through the grass patches, you’ll see a TM waiting on the ledge below. This is TM39 Rock Tomb. [SNAP] As an added bonus, there is a place where you can use the Poke Finder! Take advantage of the moment and take some pictures. On the opposite side of this ledge, you’ll find another trainer ready for a battle.
Hiker Calhoun: Roggenrola lvl. 18, Machop lvl. 19
Follow the path down again, and as you hop down the ledges you’ll see the item we weren’t able to grab before! Snag it and go through the cave entrance once again to go back to the top of the mountain. Talk to the guide again if you need your Pokemon to be healed. When you’re ready, head through the gate to get to the Totem’s Den.

Once you’ve gone through, Kiawe will be waiting at the top for you. This trial requires you to observe the differences between the dancing Marowaks. Once you’ve correctly picked out the difference between the dances, you’ll challenge a wild Marowak right away. After defeating Marowak, you’ll again have to pick out the differences between the dances. After choosing correctly, a battle will be initiated by a Hiker!
Hiker David: Magmar lvl. 19
Again, after defeating Hiker David, you will again observe another round of dances. Except this time, after choosing the correct difference you will then begin a battle with the Totem Pokemon!
Totem Pokemon: Salazzle lvl. 22
Yay! You’ve defeated the Totem Pokemon! As a reward, Kiawe will gift you the Firium Z, 10 Quick Balls, AND add Charizard to your Ride Pager. With Charizard, you can now fly to any location you have previously been to! Convenient. Now we can go through Route 7! Just a reminder, if you had decided to to the trial challenge first, be sure to go down the mountain instead of taking the shortcut as you will miss some valuable items if you do not. If you were following this guide exactly, then onto Route 8!


ITEMS: Zygarde Cell (9/100), TM43 Flame Charge, Big Pearl, Hyper Potion (x2), Miracle Seed, Pecha Berry (x2), Persim Berry, Ultra Ball, Sweet Heart (once per day), Poke Beans (once per day), Water Stone, Ether, TM59 Brutal Swing, TM58 Sky Drop

After showing the guide your new Firium Z, she’ll let down the barricade and let you pass through to Route 8! When you’ve entered, you’ll see a trainer near the Route 8 sign. Only until you’ve beaten every trainer on this route will she battle you. Keep this in mind. First things first (I’ll eat your brains), take the time to explore the area and train before running off to your next trial challenge. Since we didn’t get to try fishing before, be on the lookout for spots which you’ll be able to interact with on the water top. You’ll know when you’re able to fish when you see bubbles floating above a rock in the water. The A button should come up as an indicator for interaction.

Near the trailer thingy down the path, you should see a green shimmer near the stairs to the doorway. This is another Zygarde Cell (7/100)! Enter the trailer and you’ll see that it belongs to the Aether Foundation. [TASK] If you talk to the person as you walk in, they’ll ask if you could look for a Stufful on Route 8. Register it in your Pokedex and come back for a reward.

Exit the trailer, and continue down the path. You’ll then be stopped by a scientist named Colress. After talking with him, he’ll give you a TM–TM43 Flame Charge. Hm, how convenient since our next trial is a grass type…anyways! He leaves. Now, there should be a patch of grass next to the Aether Foundation trailer, there will be a pathway that leads downwards toward an item (Big Pearl) we weren’t able to reach earlier. Go back to the patch of grass up top. Go to the the patches of grass to the left and you’ll see a couple of trainers ready to battle.
Backpacker Kiana: Eevee lvl. 20
Rising Star Mikey: Bounsweet lvl. 20, Trumbeak lvl. 21
Just below Mikey is an item (Hyper Potion). Then, there is also a patch of grass across of here. You can find an item (Miracle Seed) at the very end of the grass patch here. Going back to the other side of the walkway. After crossing through another grass patch, you should see a tree with berries (Pecha x2, Persim) at the base. Following down this path from the tree, you’ll see another trainer waiting for a battle. Then, after you battle Nicki as you go down the path, you’ll see once again, another trainer.
Rising Star Nicki: Milktank lvl. 21
Scientist Tyrone: Archen lvl. 20, Shieldon lvl. 20
After this battle, you will then see a grass patch. Follow this and you will be lead to an item (Ultra Ball). If you go down the road from here, you’ll see a Sightseer to your right. If you talk to him, he’ll say there’s a guy down there that wants to make an entire park filled with Pokemon restored from Fossils. If you walk through this path, you will indeed find a Fossil Maniac that wants to do so. Before going to the Lush Jungle for your next trial, walk more down and you’ll see a Pokemon Center. Go heal up and stock up, as usual. Head out and go to the edge of the island. There will be a building and some trainers waiting to battle. If you go around the building, you’ll find an item (Dive Ball). Go into 1 of the rooms and you’ll find Gladeon…telling you to get out….ok….
Golfer Alan: Rockruff lvl. 20
Golfer Maile: Meowth lvl. 20

Anyways, now go towards the Lush Jungle. On your way there, you’ll see a girl on your right and a big rock to your left. Right in front of the big rock, you’ll see a green shimmer meaning that’s another Zygarde Cell (8/100), go down the path and hop aboard your Lapras. [FISH] Starting from the 2nd entrance, you should see a rock which you can fish out of. Going more down, you’ll see trainers on land, and even further an item (Water Stone) in the ocean! After you’ve gathered the item, go ahead and go towards the land where the trainers are practicing their Karate.
Karate Family Samuel and Guy: Machop lvl. 21, Machop lvl. 19
After the battle, hop into the water opposite of where you just were.  [FISH] You will see another spot at which you can fish. Now, hopping back onto land again, continue down the path you’ll end up on the mountain side of Route 5 you were not able to go to before. You may begin or trial, or explore the mountain side.

Walking down the path, you’ll see a large rock to your right. Interact with it and you should find a PP Up. If you hop down 1 ledge, and turn to the left and walk the path, you’ll find a trainer waiting to battle.
Youngster Caleb: Charjabug lvl. 20
Walking down this path more, you should see a green shimmer on the right side. You’ve found another Zygarde Cell (9/100)! Pass through the grassy patch and turn to the left. You’ll see a trainer ready for battle as well as an item (Hyper Potion) just passed her. Now, going back to the main path, you’ll see another trainer to your right or ahead of you.
Ace Trainer Alexis: Goomy lvl. 22, Sylveon lvl. 22
Hiker Gabriel: Mudbray lvl.21
Continuing up the mountain, you’ll find an item (Ether) and before you go off jumping the ledge, there will be another path that leads down to a TM! TM59 Brutal Swing. Now you may jump off the ledge and head through the trial gates.


ITEMS: X Sp. Attack, X Defense, Hyper Potion, X Attack, Big Root, Grassium Z, Nest Balls (x10), TM67 Smart Strike, Forage Bag

The moment you enter, you’ll see Mallow waiting at the front. For your trial challenge, Mallow needs you to find a few items for her. She’ll need a Mago Berry, a Tiny Mushroom, a Revival Herb, and a Miracle Seed. She’ll give you a bag which you’ll use to carry these ingredients. She recommends you also use Stoutland as he’ll be able to find items you cannot see. Remember, you will also be attacked by Pokemon during this time as a part of the challenge.

You will find a Tiny Mushroom in the first hollow to the left on the main path. Continue walking forward for now and you’ll walk into a new area. [SNAP] There will be an area here where you can take pictures of a Bounsweet! If you keep walking down this path, a tree will shake and a Pokemon will attack you. But in this same area, Stoutland should pick up on a hidden item here too. You should find your Mago Berry for Mallow. You will also find another item that is NOT on your list here. If you Search, you should find an X Sp. Attack hidden at the space between the ‘island’ and mountain.

Going back to the main pathway, go through the grass. There will be another grass patch and if you’re using Search, Stoutland will pick up on another hidden item (X Defense) that is NOT on your list. Now, head north. You can find a hidden Hyper Portion next to the Tip sign. Finding the Revival Herb is tricky as stated on the Tip sign, it is shorter than normal grass. Like ok, that helps. But when Searching you will come across fakes–you’ll end up pulling Pokemon! This in turn could be a good thing or bad thing. Anyways, there’s patches of grass that are significantly shorter than the normal grass here–this is where you’ll find your Revival Herb!

Exit this area and go south and the path will continue to the east. For this area, you will need to switch in-between Tauros and Stoutland. Just behind the first breakable rock, you’ll find an X Attack. The Miracle Seed will be located underneath a breakable rock that you can find after the row of rocks blocking your path. And you did it! You found all the ingredients. Mallow will meet you and tell her to head back to the entrance. Keep going left and hop off the ledge. You will find an item (Big Root). Hop down, and you’ll be at the entrance.

All of a sudden, your joined by the other Captains on the island. They’ve both brought ingredients for Mallow as well. Apparently, this recipe will draw out the Totem Pokemon of the Lush Jungle. Mallow hands you the ingredients and you help her mix them up. All of a sudden, the Totem show sup right behind you!
Totem Pokemon: Lurantis lvl. 24
After you’ve successfully beaten Lurantis, Mallow gives you Grassium Z and 10 Nest Balls. She then offers some of the food to Lana and Kiawe…but it’s apparently way too spicy and they run out! Professor Kukui shows up right after and gifts you TM67 Smart Strike. He tells you to go to the Dimensional Research Lab later. For now, you may go back to the jungle and catch some Pokemon to prepare you for your grand trial with Olivia. If you’ve got all the Pokemon you wanted, let’s head on over to the lab.

Now that we’re back on Route 8, you can now challenge that one trainer we saw at the beginning of the route. You can also try finding Stufful here if you have not already done so. It’s a pretty rare find. But once you have found it, don’t forget to go back to the Aether Foundation trailer and show the researcher.
Ace Trainer Eileen: Wingull lvl. 21, Fearow lvl. 22
After defeating her, she’ll give you TM58 Sky Drop! Cool!

To get to the Dimensional Research Lab, this would be the route to take: Route 8 > Route 7 > Royal Avenue > Route 6 > Heahea City

When you get there, you’ll see Lillie standing in front of the building. You’ll talk with her and you both go inside. Go up the elevator and click on the 3rd floor (it’s the only floor you can go to). Kukui then introduces you to Professor Burnet, who’s in charge of the lab but it also his wife! Burnet begins talking about a wormhole that sometimes opens above the region and leads to a mysterious dimension. There are legends of Pokemon coming from the Ultra Wormhole. They’re called Ultra Beasts. After the conversation, she says there is evidence of Pokemon from other dimensions, and says you can read about them on the bookshelf. After you’ve read up on these Pokemon, talk to Kukui. He says its time to face Olivia. It sure is!

Olivia lives in Konikoni City past Diglett’s Tunnel. So let’s head on over to the tunnel and get this party started! You step outside the lab, and something catches your eye in the sky. A crack in began forming and just as it was about to get bigger, it closes and is gone. Hm…weird. Anyways, go to Diglett’s Tunnel. It’s near the Pokemon Center, don’t miss it. When you walk in, you’ll see Olivia. She sees you’ve completed all the trials and tells you the tunnel is now passable. She’ll apparently meet you there. Before you’ve gone any further, be sure to have healed your Pokemon and bought all the necessary items for this trip.


ITEMS: Dusk Ball, Fire Stone, Hyper Potion, Zygarde Cell (10/100), Max Revive

Before anything, I would like to point out that because this is a cave, you will run into infinitely many Zubat. If you would like, you could use Repel the entire way through. However, you may miss someone Pokemon you’ve never caught before. It’s your choice. Now on with the guide. First, go down the path and go to the right. You’ll see a trainer and an item (Dusk Ball) up ahead.
Worker Frank: Diglett lvl. 22
Go back to the main path and continue moving left. You’ll see another trainer but he won’t challenge you until you battle all the other trainers in the tunnel. When you’ve beat them all, come back and face him. Follow the path but don’t go up the stairs just yet. You should see some breakable blocks next to them. Use Tauros to break them down and you’ll find an item (Fire Stone). Now you may head up the stairs. At the very top you’ll see some Aether Foundation people. They seem super suspicious and are constantly blaming Team Skull, especially now with the Diglett getting all nuts. They do warn you however that some Diglett may still be stuck to the surface or very close. Meaning, they can run up on you at any time! Continuing down the path, you’ll find an item (Hyper Potion) right in front of a wheelbarrow. Across of this, you’ll see a small walkway. Follow it and you’ll find a trainer ready to battle.
Worker Jeff: Roggenrola lvl. 21, Mudbray lvl. 22
Once you’ve beat him, hop off the ledge and go back up the path. You’ll once again run into another trainer. There is also a Zygarde Cell (10/100) in the corner of this area. It is in between rocks based the wheelbarrow and pick ax. You’ll then receive a call from Sina. She’ll tell you you’ve collected 10% of the cells and if you would like more information, visit her at the Aether Base on Route 16 on Ula’ula Island.
Worker Vaclav: Machop lvl. 22
After you’ve beaten the trainer, you’ll see a walkway to the right of where you found the Zygarde Cell. If you need a shortcut back to the entrance of the cave, here it is. This will be useful to note if you need to go back to the Pokemon Center for any reason. If you’re all good, continue down the pathway…then you’re suddenly stopped by a pair of Grunts. Oh great. Hau comes along and challenges you both to a double battle!
Team Skull Grunts: Formantis lvl. 22, Salandit lvl. 22
When you’ve beaten them, they’ll run away. Hau will say that you pretty much complete him and will give you a Max Ether. He’ll also do you a kind thing and restore all your Pokemon to full health. With that said, you’ve made it to the end of the cave! Yippee! You will then enter Route 9.

You have also beaten every trainer in the cave! So that means you may go to the trainer in the very beginning of the cave and challenge him to a battle. He will now accept it as you have completed his task. When you’ve beaten him, he will give you a Max Revive.
Black Belt Greg: Hariyama lvl. 23


ITEMS: X Accuracy, Net Ball, Cleanse Tag, Adrenaline Orb, Super Repel, Hyper Potion, TM28 Leech Life, Tiny Mushroom (x2), Big Mushroom, Zygarde Cell (11/100), Spell Tag, Dusk Ball

Upon entering the route, right away, you’ll see a Police Officer ready for battle.
Officer Haruke: Growlithe lvl. 24
Before going to Olivia’s shops, let’s explore the rest of this area first. If you go all the way down the path, to the left you’ll see a rock. Interact with it and you’ll find an X Accuracy. Now moving to the right side you find a fisherman ready for battle and an item (Net Ball).
Fisherman Mike: Chinchou lvl. 23
Now, go up to Memorial Hill which is on the right side of the area. If you’re riding a Stoutland, you should find a Heal Powder across of the grave in the walkway. If you continue walking through the maze of graves you’ll stumble along a couple trainers too.
Gentleman Smith: Umbreon lvl. 23
Preschooler Liam: Jigglypuff lvl. 21, Ledian lvl. 22
In the area where Preschooler Liam is located, you should see an item (Cleanse Tag) right in front of a grave. If you walk up the path, the grave to the far left will have an Adrenaline Orb hidden in front of it. Then if you go to the grave in front, or well behind it. In front you’ll find a Super Repel. If you walk up towards the Trainer Tip board, you’ll see a trainer ready for battle.
Madame Sayuri: Comfey lvl. 23
In this area, if you’re on your Stoutland, you’ll be able to find a Revival Herb on the left side of the trees. If you move towards the right side, you’ll be challenged by a trainer!
Punk Girl Melissa: Ariados lvl. 23
Follow along the wall and you’ll come to a new area behind a set of trees. You’ll find an item (Hyper Potion) in the corner here. If you move in front of the trees, there will also be an area which you have access to. This is the Akala Outskirts. Staying on the lower level first, you’ll find a fisherman ready to battle and a TM (TM28 Leech Life) at the end of the walkway. [FISH] There are also a couple rocks here at which you may fish from!
Fisherman Vernon: Staryu lvl. 23, Gyarados lvl. 23
Now, if you follow along the path and go up the walkway, hop on your Stoutland and you should find a hidden item (Tiny Mushroom) in the grassy patch to your right. You’ll also come across another trainer. In the grassy patch to your left, you’ll find a Big Mushroom hidden in the grass. In the 3rd grassy patch, you’ll find another Tiny Mushroom. To the left of this grassy area, you’ll see a green shimmer which indicates a Zygarde Cell (11/100)! You will also find the Ruins of Life to the north of this area. For now, this area has no use for us. Go back now to Memorial Hill.
Black Belt Kenji: Hariyama lvl. 24

Coming back from the Akala Outskirts, to the left you should see an item (Spell Tag) sitting in front of a grave. To exit, go back to the area where you found the Revival Herb and walk through the grass. You’ll find an item (Dusk Ball) laying out in the open just waiting to be grabbed. With that, everything in this area should be collected and battled. Now you may go back to Route 9 and ultimately enter Konikoni city to find Olivia’s shop!


Konikoni refers to the nibble from a fish at the baited hook, in Hawaii.

ITEMS: Heart Scale, Waterium Z (trade), Max Potion, Plume/Shield Fossil, Pikanium Z, Eviolite

You’ve now entered what is the Alola equivalent to China Town in Hawaii. The shop to your right is a Hair Salon. To your left is an Incense shop. Next to the salon is a Clothing Store. Across from this tore is an TM Shop. Right next to the TM shop is a lady that can tell you if your Pokemon is friendly towards you. But I mean, there’s Pokemon Refresh sooooo………next door you’ll find a Restaurant. If you buy a meal, you’ll get 2 Heart Scales afterwards. Across the way, you’ll see a Hiker selling some Herbs. Next door is the Pokemon Center. [TRADE] Inside, there is a little girl willing to trade her Poliwhirl for a Zubat. This Poliwhirl will also be carrying Waterium Z, if you do decide to trade with her. [TASK] In the opposite corner near the mart, there will be an Aether Foundation guy that wants you to find an Oranguru which lives in the Lush Jungle. Register the Pokemon in your Dex and he’ll reward you for your service. Finally, across the Pokemon Center is Olivia’s Shop. Unfortunately she’s not there and asks for you to meet at the Ruins of Life. For the inconvenience, Olivia, err, Probopass hands you a Max Potion. But while you’re here, go to the lady at the very end of the counter on the upper left side. She’ll offer you a Fossil, you may buy both for 7000 each. A Pokemon Master gotta do what a Pokemon Master gotta do. Even if it means spending 14000 on fossils…Olivia’s shop also sells barrettes and evolution stones.

Although you should go and meet Olivia. Let’s finish up exploring this city. The home next to the Konikoni information sign is Captain Lana’s house. If you go all the way north of the city. You’ll see a girl with 3 Pikachu. Talk to her and she’ll give you a Pikanium Z! Also, if you have a Pikachu, she’ll teach it Volt Tackle as well. Behind the benches next to her on the right side, you’ll find an item (Eviolite). To the complete Right side of this area is Lighthouse. However at this time it is inaccessible. Now that we’ve gathered everything, let’s go meet Olivia at the Ruins.


ITEMS: Rockium Z

On your way there, you’re stopped and you see a confrontation between the Aether Foundation and Team Skull. You come along and the Aether insists you fight for them. Of course being the nice person you are, you battle the Grunts.
Team Skull Grunt: Raticate lvl. 23
You beat them and they give up the Slowpoke. The mysterious Aether person tells you what a great job you did and wants you to stop by the Hano Grand Resort later. After they leave, continue making your way to the Ruins of Life. OF COURSE, you get stopped again. This time by a Team Skullian, Plumeria. She’s essentially the “big sister” of the grunts and is challenging you to a battle. Ugh.
Team Skull Admin Plumeria: Golbat lvl. 25, Salandit lvl. 26
After showing her who’s the real boss, she leaves. She does threaten you on the way out but whatevz, you could beat her on your worst day! Now we’re finally at the Ruins, and Burnet and Lillie show up! Burnet’s here to drop off Lillie as she is terrible with direction and got lost. The reason she’s here is for Nebby as the ruins may help bring it home. She does a kind thing and restores your Pokemon to full health. In the middle of the conversation, Olivia shows up! Lillie gets the feeling these are getting serious and moves off to the side. She’s right and Olivia initiates the battle!
Island Kahuna Olivia: Nosepass lvl. 26, Lycanroc lvl. 27, Boldore lvl. 28
Upon victory, Olivia gifts you the Rockium Z. Also, by having beaten the Kahuna all Pokemon up to lvl. 50 will obey you, no questions asked. You all go off and as you’re exiting the Ruins, you’re joined by Hau. He too says he got invited by the weird Aether people to go to the Hano Grand Resort. With that said, hop on your Charizard and let’s go to the Resort!


Hano means to glorify and to breathe strong, it may also refer to a nose flute, in Hawaiian.

ITEMS: Zygarde Cell (12/100), Soda Pop, Heart Scale (x2), Antidote, Dive Ball, Black Glasses, Pearl String, Metronome, TM45 Attract

So when you enter, you’ll probably be taken aback by how beautiful the resort area looks. The resort is comprised of the actual Hotel and the Beach. First, let’s go to the beach. Also, you may talk to everyone outside although you won’t be given any items or tasks. It’s just nice to say, “Alola!” Once you’re on the beach, you’ll notice the girl and her Stouland again. Don’t worry, she won’t stop you this time. Underneath the umbrella next to her will have a Zygarde Cell (12/100). Hop on your own Stoutland, and near the very first umbrella will be a Soda Pop. Using Search, you will also find a Pearl near a trainer that’s next to a double cabana. If you talk to this trainer, she’ll give you a Soda Pop. [TASK] If you go and see the worker near the lifeguard tower, he’ll recruit you to be a Pyukumuku Chucker. As sad as it sounds, it makes sense. They get hurt when they’re on land and they may hurt the guests as well when they walk along the beach. There are 6 Pyukumuku that need saving, go save them and chuck them back to the ocean! Go up and down the beach and you should easily spot them as the little guys are just chillin’, just interact with them and they’ll immediately be thrown back in the ocean. Also as you ride along the beach on your Stoutland, you’ll also find 2 Heart Scales. Now that you’ve done a good amount of work on land, let’s head into the ocean.

Start from the very beginning of the beach and hop onto your Lapras. Once you’ve swam out, you should immediately see a trainer and an item (Antidote). Swimming further down, you’ll see another trainer and another item (Dive Ball) right in front of him. Swimming even further down the beach, you’ll see a trainer also ready for battle. Near the little sandbar, you’ll see a swimmer here ready for battle. If you hop on the sandbar, you’ll find an item (Black Glasses). Just passed this sandbar, you’ll see the last couple of swimmers that wanna battle too. At the very edge of the beach, you should find one last item (Pearl String). Don’t forget to fulfill your other Task and catch Pyukumuku and show it to the old man at the Boutique in Heahea City.
Swimmer Chelsea: Pyukumuku lvl. 25
Swimmer Roddy: Gyarados lvl. 25
Swimmer Laura: Finneon lvl. 24, Shellder lvl. 25
Swimmer Lawrence: Wingull lvl. 24, Barboach lvl. 25
Swimmer Alicia: Psyduck lvl. 25
Swimmer Logan: Wishiwashi lvl. 25

When you’re done, go back to the hotel. Straight away, the inside looks like the Grand Wailea on Maui but has the textures and color scheme of the Aulani on Oahu. Nice touch, Game Freak. Anyways, after crossing the entrance bridge you’ll be met by the green Aether dude. he introduces himself as Faba. He wants to talk to you about and show you the Aether Paradise. Suddenly all your friendzies show up. Hau will come along to the paradise as well. Kukui will not come along however, but he says he’ll meet you at Ula’ula Island at the Malie Garden. If you would like to explore more, tell Faba NO first. This will give you time to walk around and complete the area. Granted, you can come back and do the following at any time.

[TUTOR] On the left side of the room, you’ll see a man next to a Meowth. This man is a Move Tutor and will teach Keldeo or Meloetta a move. Keep this in mind if you plan on trading over any of these Mystical Pokemon over to this game! There will be a couple of golfers talking about a Machamp just ahead of this guy. He clearly looks uncomfortable and does not want to be in the middle of these women. If you stop them, you’ll head into a battle. They’ll tell you to mind ya’ business and challenge you.
Golf Buddies Tara and Tina: Oriocorio lvl. 25, Oriocorio lvl. 25
……APPARENTLY. The Machamp is not a Machamp and is a human being dressed as one! Why are people so weird?! Like damn dude, I was just tryna do the right thing here! But he’s not as mad at you, so it seems and gifts you a TM45 Attract. There will be a guy in the way back of the Hotel with a Rockruff. He asks if you ever heard of him, and when you decline, he’ll challenge you to a battle! When you’ve beaten him, he’ll give you a Metronome for providing him with an inspirational battle.
Veteran Roger: Trumbeak lvl. 27
After this battle, you may go talk to Faba and go with him and Hau to the Aether Paradise!


ITEMS: TM29 Psychic

You’re then brought to the what could be the Hawaii equivalent, Niihau. You know because it’s tiny AF and seems to be only accessible via invite only. You’re given a tour of the facility, told everything done here is for the “conservation of Pokemon.” You’re then met by a purple headed woman, Wicke. She then brings you to the conservation area. You’re not able to catch any Pokemon here as they have a device that renders Poke Balls useless. Take the time to walk around if you want to, talking to other people at the Aether Foundation. Eventually, you will be led to the area that was blocked by the other Aether and Sudowoodo. You’re overhear a woman, Lusamine, vowing to protect the Pokemon and shower them with love. She is the President of the Aether Foundation. LOL, Hau innocently asks how old Lusamine is and she’s 40…..WHAT?!!?! He then mentions Lillie and her body language changes immediately. Could it just be a animation thing or was it on purpose? THEN–A TREMOR OCCURS. AND THEN A WORMHOLE OPENS AND AN ULTRA BEAST FLIES RIGHT OUT OF IT. Sorry for the caps, but it was kinda exciting. Lusamine thinks the creature needs her help, Hau wants to get her out of there, and you are about to go toe-to-toe with an Ultra. Don’t worry, it’s only level 27. After getting its health to about half way, the beast runs away and then disappears. Lusamine vows to save it and love it, then thanks you.

Lusamine then orders Wicke to bring you to Ula’ula Island. Wicke bears gifts and gives you TM29 Psychic. You both leave off and are on your way to the next Island, Ula’ula Island. Yahoo!

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