Heart Gold & Soul Silver

Here is the collective page of all the walkthroughs for Heart Gold & Soul Silver. As the walkthrough is completed, I’ll add more and more information apart from the walkthrough guides. Tips, tricks, and even a Pokedex will be available! Until then, enjoy these walkthroughs 🙂

You are given 2 options, a walkthrough per city and route or a complete walkthrough to each badge. The walkthrough per city/route is in chronological order–the order of which you will enter each Town/City and Route. List goes from LEFT TO RIGHT.

Badge 1: Zephyr Badge
Badge 2: Hive Badge
Badge 3: Plain Badge
Badge 4: Fog Badge
Badge 5: Storm Badge
Badge 6: Mineral Badge
Badge 7: Glacier Badge
Badge 8: Rising Badge

New Bark Town Route 29 Cherrygrove City
Route 30 Route 31 Violet City
Sprout Tower Dark Cave Route 36
Route 37 Ruins of Alph Route 32
Route 33 Union Cave Azalea Town
Slowpoke Well Ilex Forest Route 34
Goldenrod City Route 35 Ecruteak City
New Bark Town Route 29 Cherrygrove City
Burned Tower Route 38 Route 39
Olivine City The Lighthouse Route 40
Route 41 Cinnawood City Route 47
Route 48 Cliff Cave Safari Zone
Route 42 Mt. Mortar Mahogany Town
Route 43 Lake of Rage Team Rocket HQ
Radio Tower Goldenrod Tunnel Route 44
Ice path Blackthorn City Dragon’s Den
Route 45 Route 46 Bell Tower
Whirl Islands Route 27 Tohjo Falls
Route 26 Victory Road Indigo Plateau