November 2016

MONDAY 28 NOVEMBER 2016 [04:17 AM HST]

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving Week(end)! Over the week since I last updated, I had finally completed the game! It took me an entire week to finish it, but I loved every second of it. I can’t wait to play it again and again and again. With that said, I should be able to complete all the walkthroughs up to defeating the Pokemon League. I will post the link when I have done so!

UPDATE [05:56 AM HST] I had just published the 3rd Grand Trial. It’s not completely finished but it’s a good 75% of it. There’s just a bit more I need to add but transcribing my written notes is taking a lot longer than I expected. Then with the addition of formatting and making sure I include the meanings of Hawaiian words when necessary, also takes time. The guide should be completed in its entirety later today. If not, expect it to be done by Tuesday day.

Smell ya later!

MONDAY 21 NOVEMBER 2016 [07:11 PM HST]

FINALLY completed the entire Grand Trial 2. I’ve also done a make over to the items found at the very top. This will give users a screenshot of what they are looking for. I will also reformat the items found through the walkthrough so they mirror the format at the top. That will be done later today. Please let me know if there are any improvements to be made as well as errors that need correction. I have not started Ula’ula Island yet. I wanted to complete 95% of the Grand Trial 2 page so it’ll be easier to do the 3rd trial as I already know how I want it to look like.

Also, I will be putting the maps aside for now until I have completed the walkthroughs. There’s a lot of things to be done. For future references, I would like to thank Joe Merrick of, as this is where I will be obtaining a lot of information from for the Items and Pokemon pages he has created. This will be the source of the information I will display in the near future.

Smell ya later!

SUNDAY, 20 NOVEMBER 2016 [08:39 PM HST]

Since 3PM today, I’ve been playing Moon–pretty much nonstop. I’ve only stopped to eat dinner. I’ve So far I’ve gotten through 2 trials and have decided to start publishing the page. Although it is not complete, I will keep adding to it as I play through it. You can expect for it to be completely finished by later tonight or early tomorrow morning. With that said, I shall go on and complete this!

Smell ya later!


I’ve started to go through the 2nd Grand Trial. It’s taking a lot longer than the 1st to get through. I’m unsure if there are any differences in terms of game play between versions. I’m currently playing Moon and silly me did not log down the first half the storyline……………..I was excited to play okay and I immediately started playing the moment I got my hands on it. Now I’m kicking myself because now I have to play 2 games at the same time! 😦 But I’ve been focusing on completing Moon first and Sun will be put on the back burner. With that said, I will begin publishing the walkthrough for Grand Trial 2: Akala Island. Right now, I’ve just started it. I’ll let you know how it goes tomorrow with my progress!

Smell ya, later!

FRIDAY, 18 NOVEMBER 2016 [09:56 PM HST]

By now many of you should have already gotten your copy of Sun & Moon (unless you’re in Europe). I’ve started playing Moon and so far it is the most gorgeous Pokemon game. The graphics are really top notch and if you’re from Hawaii, you catch all the references they made to many locations. From trainer names to style, it really encompasses Hawaii. It’s beautiful. So far, it has easily become my most favorite game and generation (beating Gen II is no easy task in my book). Now that I’ve gotten familiar with the first island, Melemele, I’ll start putting up a guide for it….whenever I put down my 3DS. Hah!

I’m unsure how to do pixel maps for this game however. It’s pretty complex and there’s way more dimension to the game than the previous ones. I’ll have to play around with styles. Turning something smooth with many intricate details to something boxy with less details is no easy task. Nonetheless, be on the lookout for those. I hope to start putting up Sun & Moon pixel maps before the year ends.

Smell ya later!


Countdown to Pokemon Sun & Moon: LESS THAN 1 DAY!
19 hours and 18 minutes to be exact!

Actually Sun & Moon should be dropping into the Nintendo eShop today for certain countries where it would already be the 18th. No fair right?! Or you could be Europe and have to wait a whole week to get their legit copies. That’s truly unfair.

I’m currently working on the Viridian City maps. This has taken me the longest to complete so far as the city is far larger than Pallet Town and Route 1. The buildings also take some time as we are not introduced to the Pokemon Center, Poke’mart, and a Gym. This map should be up on Friday.

Seeing as Sun & Moon come out in a matter of hours, I want to start working on the strategy guides for all my newbie gamers! With that said, I will make a schedule for my map uploads. This schedule will be found on the side bar–you can’t miss it. Luckily, the GameStops here on Oahu (can’t vouch for the other islands) are doing a midnight release for Sun & Moon. I’ll be able to start playing and writing the guides Friday morning.

I think that’s everything! By this time tomorrow, this Pokemon Master will be residing in the Alola region–as if I weren’t already!

I have just published the first walkthrough (of many) for Heart Gold & Soul Silver. In order to get used to writing them before tackling on Sun & Moon, I started off with my favorite version and favorite generation of Pokemon. If you’re interested in reading, please click on the Heart Gold & Soul Silver category in the sidebar. Or you can click here to go to the post directly.

P.S. Just 4 more hours and 51 minutes!!!!

Smell ya later!


Countdown to Pokemon Sun & Moon: 2 days!
41 hours and 54 minutes to be exact…

Ah! It’s almost time for the 20th anniversary Pokemon game. Not gonna lie, when I initially heard of Sun & Moon I was a skeptic! I was bummed a Pokemon Z was not the next installment. However, with more information, I quickly became a huge fan and got even more hyped knowing this game is inspired and takes place in Hawaii! I was born and raised on Oahu soil, so this game hits that much closer to home, you know?

In other news, I have started uploading my Minecraft pixel maps! They can be found in the Kanto category or the Minecraft Pokepixel Map page. Let me know if they work for you! I will also be slowly working on the strategy guides. Not sure which game I’ll start with yet or if I should start them until after working on the Sun & Moon strategy guides. When I decide, you’ll know here.

Smell ya later!

TUESDAY, 15 NOVEMBER 2016 [01:11 AM HST]

Countdown to Pokemon Sun & Moon: 3 days!

Get ready trainers, the hype train is pretty full and we’re about to depart the hype station. Strategy information for my newbie trainers will roll out as soon as I get my hands on my own copy. I will also be uploading pixel maps of the new Alola region as soon as the official images become available.

Smell ya later!