Minecraft Pokepixel Maps

Hi there! Here is a list of all the maps I have created for you. Each will have a link to its respective blog post showing you how to create it as well as the pixel maps which you may use to make your creating journey just a little easier. If you do not see a link yet, it means that I haven’t finished the map yet. Sorry in advance…have fun!


Route 1 Route 15 Cerulean Cave Rock Tunnel
Route 2 Route 16 Cerulean City Rocket Hideout
Route 3 Route 17 Celadon City Safari Zone
Route 4 Route 18 Cinnabar Island Saffron City
Route 5 Route 19 Diglett’s Cave Seafood Islands
Route 6 Route 20 Fuchsia City Silph Co.
Route 7 Route 21 Indigo Plateau S.S. Anne
Route 8 Route 22 Lavender City Tohjo Falls
Route 9 Route 23 Mt. Moon Underground Path 5-6
Route 10 Route 24 Pallet Town Underground Path 7-8
Route 11 Route 25 Pewter City Vermillion City
Route 12 Route 26 Pokemon Mansion Victory Road
Route 13 Route 27 Pokemon Tower Viridian City
Route 14 Route 28 Power Plant Viridian Forest