Viridian City, Kanto

Difficulty: 6.8/10
Duration: ~4 hours

Hi there! If you have not already, please be sure to have completed Route 1 before starting this map. Although, you may start wherever you would like to. Your choice! Just my recommendation 😉  As usual, here’s everything you need to know:viridian-city

  • 1 pixel = 1 block
  • Each color represents a different block
  • Italicized sentences are what I have done in my own Minecraft
  • Have fun! This is just a guide, a map, it’s not set in stone that this is how it should exactly look like. If you want your spaces smaller or bigger, do it! It’s really up to you. It’s your world, you have all the control.

Here is also the key for each colored square. You will also need these blocks in your toolbar. These are the blocks you’ll mostly use. Although, there will be times where you need to switch out a block because the toolbar only allows for 9 blocks at a time. I recommend switching out the grass block for whatever you may need as color-keyit is easy to switch back if need be. The grass block is everywhere!

  • Fence = oak fence* // Mountain = Coarse dirt*
  • Flower = peony* // Bushes = large fern*
  • Ledge = dark oak stair* // Torches
  • Regular grass = grass block // Lt. grass = lime hardened clay*
  • Walkway = Sandstone // Pavement = diorite*
  • Sign = sign // Water = bucket of water
  • Trees = spruce sapling*
  • Bone meal

Note: An (*) indicates blocks which can be changed to fit your preference. For example: if you don’t like the oak fence you may choose the other fences that you prefer the look of.

As you may or may have not already noticed, this map is h u g e. Especially compared to that of Pallet Town and Route 1. You will also notice a bunch of new colored blocks that may or may not appear on the key. This is because those blocks do not reoccur between towns, they may look similar but they are not quite the same although they will be called the same. You get me? The pavement (light gray blocks) will be different in Pewter City. But I will still call it pavement to differentiate between the walkways.

After realizing how much work there is to be done, it is time to start on this city! As said earlier, this map is a lot larger than previous maps.

The best place to start is with the pavement.

This will help pave (hehe) about 2/3rds of this map. If it wasn’t clear before, it is entirely up to you how long or how short you want the stretch of entrance/exit there is per map. Meaning, the distances between each city, town, and route, is entirely up to you.

Like the other maps, it’s always best to complete the entire layout before adding in the minor details. It is important you make the correct spacings for the buildings on the right side of the map. Too small of spaces will result in really odd looking buildings, and too many spaces will distort the map.

Layout creation should be done in this order: pavement, ledges, water, walkway, light grass, then fences.

Aftering creating the entire layout (minus the mountains and buildings), it is now time to place all your trees. I don’t like doing trees first as chopping them down to move them is a pain and a half. Especially since this map is larger, you’re more than likely going to need to know where the city perimeter is before placing the trees.

You’ll notice at the top of the map, spacing is 1 block between trees rather than 2 blocks. I did this just to have all my trees in line with each other for the next map. It’s not super important to them spaced evenly. I just prefer it to be because I’m anal retentive like that…

Now it’s time to put our mountains in! On the map, you may have noticed that there isn’t just 1 solid color for the mountains. That is because I made some tiers lighter than others to show there will be levels to them! I would like to point out that the mountains don’t have to be perfect. This part it’s really up to you how high or how low you want them to be. For the sake of authenticity, I stuck with what is exactly shown in Fire Red & Leaf Green!

If you’re anything like me, at this point, I was totally over Viridian City and was so close to leaving it buildingless because of how long it took me to get to this point! viridian-city-homesSince we ain’t quitters, here are the blueprints for the homes, the Viridian City Gym, Pokemon Center, and PokeMart!

Starting off with the homes (because they’re smaller) you’ll notice one is smaller and the other is slightly larger. Other than that, they are exactly the same.

The blocks I used here in respect to the key are: glass, sea lantern, green hardened clay, smooth sandstone, yellow hardened clay, and oak doors.pc-pokemart

Next, I did the Pokemon Center and the PokeMart. These were a little fun to do and pretty simple to construct. There was just something about the color palette of these buildings that made them so enjoyable to make.

The blocks I used in respect this this key are: glass, block of quartz, sea lantern, lapis lazuli block, red hardened clay, iron door*, and sign. If you also decide to use the iron door, please be sure to use the iron pressure plate on the outside of the building, and a button on the inside.

The signs for the Pokemon Center should read, “P O K E M O N” and “C E N T E R”.
The signs for the PokeMart should read, “P O K E'” and “M A R T”.

And the last building to make is the gym! There’s no real reason why this is the last gymbuilding to make. Heck, you can do them in any order. I just did the other buildings first because there was more than 1 that used the same blocks.

Like the Pokemon Center and PokeMart, I used Iron doors so that the doors swing open without me having to touch them. For the gym, I used 2 doors. You may opt for 1 if you would like as well.

The blocks I used in respect to this key are: glass, sea lantern, stone, birch wood planks, iron door, and sign.

The sign on the gym should read, “G Y M”.

We’re almost there! Now time to add the finishing touches to Viridian City. Place all the signs, flowers, and bushes.

A (/) will indicate the words to be on separate lines.
The first sign when entering Viridian City should read, “Viridian City ^ / Route 1 v”.
The second sign should read, “Virdian City”.
The third sign (at the gym) should read, “Viridian City Gym”.
The fourth and final sign should read, “Route 2 ^ / Viridian City v”.

Please let me know if those sign readings are not correct, I’m trying to do them from memory! I know for a fact one is supposed to be some trainer tips, but I’m unsure. Will have to make time to play the games just to authenticate!

In front of the small Viridian City home, there is a blank. I was unsure how to proceed because when I did this on Minecraft, I added pots with flowers in them (as it was shown in game). I didn’t know how to indicate this on the pixel map but I figure I give you the option to leave it blank or add some flower pots if you would like.

Now we’re done! Just add some torches around the area to keep the city well lit at night. Told you this city would take awhile, unless you’re a quick crafter then…congrats!

Hope you enjoyed this map and it wasn’t so miserable. I will warn you that the upcoming maps will also take some time. But until then, onto Route 2!


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