Route 29

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Note: This walkthrough is for the Heart Gold & Soul Silver versions of Gold and Silver.

First visit: Potion
After visiting Mr. Pokemon: Green Apricorn
After discovering the theft: Pokeball (x5)

Headbutt: Exeggcute*, Hoothoot**, Ledyba (SS)**, Pineco**, Spinarak (HG)**
Tall grass: Hoothoot [N**], Pidgey [M**] [A**], Rattata [M^] [A^] [N*], Sentret [M**] [A**]

Note: (*) indicates an AVERAGE pokemon encounter rate and (**) indicates a FREQUENT pokemon encounter rate. (^) is a RARE encounter and (^^) is an ALMOST NEVER encounter. Encounter rates may also vary depending on time of day. [M], [A], [N] also indicates MORNING (4AM-10AM), AFTERNOON (10AM-8PM), and NIGHT (8PM-4AM).  If not stated, assume encounter rate is an all day occurrence  Version exclusive are also noted using (SS) for Soul Silver and (HG) for Heart Gold. 

STEP 1: You gotta be the VERY best…
As you’re walking through the grass, you’ll encounter some Pokemon. Unfortunately, you don’t have any pokeballs to catch them with. At this point, it’s best to use your time and train your partner!

STEP 2: Thou shall not pass!
In the middle of Route 29, you’ll see a gate which leads to Route 46. However, you can’t get past the ledge beyond the gate. Don’t worry, you’ll pass through here eventually. Leave it and continue on.

STEP 3: Cherrygrove City
To get to Mr. Pokemon’s house, continue through Route 29 to get to Cherrygrove City. Take your time, you don’t have to rush through. Train your Pokemon (not too high though) and then keep going to Cherrygrove City!

The following steps will happen only after completing certain tasks or after events have taken place. Those tasks will be noted. Until then, this is the end of what is needed to be done on Route 29. Move onto Cherrygrove City.

Previous page: New Bark Town
Next page: Cherrygrove City

After you have given the Mystery Egg to the Professor, you’ll find Lyra/Ethan waiting for you. They’re about to teach you the art of catching Pokemon!

By now, you’ve probably seen and interacted with the Green Apricorn tree here. Until this point, you haven’t been able to pick any. Once you’ve obtained the Apricorn Box from the Man on Route 3o, you’ll be able to pick them!

Visit Route 29 on Tuesday’s and you’ll see Tuscany, a Day-of-the-Week Sibling. Talk to her and receive the TwistedSpoon. Once you’ve met all siblings, you’ll receive the Shock Ribbon.


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