Route 1, Kanto

Difficulty: 4/10
Duration: ~2.5 hours

Hi there! If you’re here, that means you just finished creating Pallet Town and you’re onto the next step! If you’re new, and you would like to start with Pallet Town, route-1please click on the links (hint* the words ‘Pallet Town‘ are links)! Granted, you can start anywhere you want, but I suggest with Pallet Town just to keep it in order 😉 Anyways, here’s the pixel map for Route 1! As usual, here’s everything you need to know:

  • 1 pixel = 1 block
  • Each color represents a different block
  • Italicized sentences are what I have done in my own Minecraft
  • Have fun! This is just a guide, a map, it’s not set in stone that this is how it should exactly look like. If you want your spaces smaller or bigger, do it! It’s really up to you. It’s your world, you have all the control.

Here is also the key for each colored square. You will also need these blocks in your toolbar. These are the blocks you’ll mostly use. Although, there will be times where you need to switch out a block because the toolbar only allows for 9 blocks at a time. I recommend switching out the grass block for whatever you may need as color-keyit is easy to switch back if need be. The grass block is everywhere!

  • Fence = oak fence*
  • Flower = peony*
  • Ledge = dark oak stair* block
  • Regular grass = grass block // Grass (patches) = grass
  • Walkway = Sandstone
  • Sign = sign
  • Trees = spruce sapling*
  • Bone meal

Note: An (*) indicates blocks which can be changed to fit your preference. For example: if you don’t like the oak fence you may choose the other fences that you prefer the look of.

As you may have noticed, Route 1 is significantly narrower than Pallet Town. Start by laying out the width of the route. Since most of the blocks used in this map are grass blocks (which is also the default for the super flat preset), I like to mark the edge of area by digging a hole and then just continuing it down in a straight line to the other end of the map.

Now that you have an idea of the layout of the route, you should be able to follow my pixel map with ease as there aren’t any building to worry about here. The only difficult thing here is there is no specific next step. You’ll have to switch off between doing the walkway, adding in the trees, ledges, etc. Once you get into the rhythm of things, this route should be completed in an hour or so, depending on your attention span or how fickle the trees are or are not.

With that being said, I would like to note that the tree growing from here can be pretty frustrating! Sometimes they just won’t grow (even with the bone meal) as the sapling may be shaded from light by other trees. In this case, you will need to create your own. If you have been following my plans exactly, then making your own spruce trees are simple.

Be sure to add fences between trees as it will add to the authenticity of the region! It will also help keep some monsters out. The operative word being SOME as it’s bound to happen when the sun goes down as the area is not adequately lit. With that said, do not forget to add torches around the area to keep the region illuminated. I haven’t found any other appealing ways of adding light. I have seen some maps create lamp posts? I’m over here like, “How???” Haha!

Like I said earlier, Route 1 is pretty simple compared to what’s to come. Please let me know if this helped you or if there is anything I can do to make things clearer or change the map to make it more aesthetically pleasing as well as look more close to the maps in game. Onto Viridian City!


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