New Bark Town

Hi there! Please bear with me as this is the first guide I’m putting out. I’ve decided to start with the walkthrough as I find that is most important. I will then insert various notes and such in order to form well thought out strategies as you continue playing the games!

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Note: This walkthrough is for the Heart Gold & Soul Silver versions of Gold and Silver.

First visit: Pokegear, Potion (x5)
After Togepi hatches: Everstone
After the Dragon’s Den: Master Ball

Headbutt: Exeggcute*, Hoothoot**, Ledyba (SS)**, Pineco**, Spinarak (HG)**
Fishing: OLD ROD = Magikarp**, Tentacool*
GOOD ROD = Chinchou*, Magikarp**, Shellder*, Tentacool**
Water surface: Tentacool**, Tentacruel*

Note: (*) indicates an AVERAGE pokemon encounter rate and (**) indicates a FREQUENT pokemon encounter rate. (^) is a RARE encounter and (^^) is an ALMOST NEVER encounter. Encounter rates may also vary depending on time of day. [M], [A], [N] also indicates MORNING (4AM-10AM), AFTERNOON (10AM-8PM), and NIGHT (8PM-4AM).  If not stated, assume encounter rate is an all day occurrence  Version exclusive are also noted using (SS) for Soul Silver and (HG) for Heart Gold. 

STEP 1: Wake & Bake
You start the game off in your bedroom. Go down to the first floor and talk to your mom. She says Professor Elm has been asking for you. At this point you have access to the menu and may save your game, use your Bag, and view your Trainer Card.

Before exiting your home, go back to your room and check your PC. You should have mail from Lyra/Ethan. Read it and move on to go and greet them in person.

STEP 2: Hey Neighbor!
Stop by Lyra/Ethan’s house before visiting Professor Elm’s lab. You’ll find them waiting on the 2nd floor. After saying hello, go on over to the Professor’s lab. He’s got something waiting for you!

Your friend will be the opposite sex of you. So if you chose to be a girl, Ethan is your friend. If you chose to be a boy, Lyra is your friend!

STEP 3: I Choose You, Pikachu! (Wait…)
When you get to the lab, Professor Elm will explain the benefits of letting your Pokemon out of its pokeball! Meaning, you’ll have the ability to have your buddy walk along with you! To have your Pokemon walk outside its ball, place it in the front of your party. Professor elm will let you choose 1 of 3 Pokemon.

Your choices are:
Chikorita – The grass type pokemon. Ability: overgrow.
Cyndaquil – The fire type pokemon. Ability: blaze.
Totodile – The water type pokemon. Ability: torrent.

Is it obvious which Pokemon I chose? Hah!

STEP 4: Errands
After choosing your partner, Professor Elm asks for you to o see what Mr. Pokemon wants.

STEP 5: Technology
Before heading off, go home and talk to your mom. She’ll gift you a Pokegear! The Pokegear is a device that allows you to call stored contacts at any time. This will be helpful for your journey.

STEP 6: Route 29
Head west to reach Route 29. Just before you get there, Professor Elm will catch up to you and give you his number. Now we go to Route 29.

The following steps will happen only after completing certain tasks. Those tasks will be noted. Until then, this is the end of what is needed to be done in New Bark Town. Move onto Route 29.

Next page: Route 29

Someone has stolen a Pokemon from the Professor’s Lab! According to Lyra/Ethan, a boy with bright red hair is seen peering into the lab. Doesn’t this guy sound a bit familiar? You’ll have mentioned you’ve battled him and the Policeman will ask for his name. Give it to him!

Give Professor Elm the Egg you received from Mr. Pokemon. After telling the Professor that Professor Oak gave you the Pokedex, he’ll suggest that you go challenge Pokemon Gyms! After gaining for first badge, talk to the Professor’s assistant at the Pokemart to get the egg back.

Talk to your mom on your way out of the house and she’ll offer to create a savings account from part of your battle winnings. It might be a good idea to have her save so she can buy you some rare berries and other items.

The nearest Gym is in Violet City. To get there you’ll need to go through Route 29, Cherrygrove City, Route 30, and Route 31.

After the mystery egg hatches into Togepi, put Togepi at the head of the party so it’s walking outside its pokeball. Show it to Professor Elm. In return for the amazing sight, he’ll give you an Everstone.

This part is optional but if you would like to, Photographer Cameron will appear on Tuesdays in front of your home. Go on, take some pics!

After you’re finished at the Dragon’s Den, return to New Bark Town and visit the Professor. Now that you have all 8 gym badges, he gives you a Master Ball! Woo! This ball has 100% catch rate–use it wisely!

Professor Elm will say the Kimono Girls came to the lab looking for you. They’re waiting at the Ecruteak City Dance Theater.

After battling Ho-Oh/Lugia, the last thing to do is head over to the Pokemon League. Head east of New Bark Town and use Surf to go to Route 27 toward the Indigo Plateau.


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