Pallet Town, Kanto

Difficulty: 2/10
Duration: ~1.5 hours

Hi There! This is my first pixel map! After creation, I have tried using it on Minecraft and it works out easily! By having a pixel map, it’s easier to (re)create your favorite towns fpallet-townrom you favorite games. Here’s everything you need to know:

  • 1 pixel = 1 block
  • Each color represents a different block
  • Italicized sentences are what I have done in my own Minecraft
  • Have fun! This is just a guide, a map, it’s not set in stone that this is how it should exactly look like. If you want your spaces smaller or bigger, do it! It’s really up to you. It’s your world, you have all the control.

Set up your world with the appropriate settings. You may choose either creative or survival (creative for those that want peace, survival if you’re hardcore and want a higher difficulty level).
I chose “creative > super flat > tunnelers’ dream preset” because I plan on making the buildings complete on the inside as well and I need to have underground space.

Now that you’ve set up your world, figure out where the sun rises and sets. This will be an indicator or east and west. Where the
sun rises is the east and the sun sets is the west. This is important as the orientation matters! The opening for this town is to face north, and the water is to the south.

Here is a color key of the squares above. Note that not all are used in this map.

Set up your toolbar with the following blocks: grass, oak fence*, lime hardened clay*, spruce sapling*, bone meal, sign, sand, peony*, bucket of water.

  • Fence = oak fence*
  • Flower = peony*
  • Light grass = lime hardened clay* block
  • Regular grass = grass block
  • Sand = sand block
  • Sign = sign
  • Trees = spruce sapling*
  • Water = bucket of water

Note: An (*) indicates blocks which can be changed to fit your preference. For example: if you don’t like the oak fence you may choose the other fences that you prefer the look of.

Start with the light green spaces, then do the water, sand, fences, and then trees. I recommend doing the buildings LAST. Dead last. The trees cannot grow without sufficient light, and the buildings block it.

If you end up using the spruce trees, I recommend keeping them 2 spaces apart (as you see on the map). I like how they grow to be super tall and wide. When grouped together, they look like a forest. I have not tried using other trees. You may add more trees than I have put on the map, I just put a couple columns of trees to keep the image file as low as possible. On my Minecraft map, I added about 3-4 columns. For the most outer column of trees, I placed fences between each tree as well as to the most inner column. I did this to replicate the idea of you cannot pass in between these trees in the video games.

For the water, I kept it only 1 block deep and replaced the bottom layer of blocks with sea lantern blocks. You may choose any other illuminating blocks that you prefer.

After you have essentially created the entire layout of the town, it’s time to build the buildings! Here are maps of how I created them. You’ll need to create 2 of the pallet town homes and just one lab.pallet-town-homes

As you can see. I have laid out 2 important view points of these buildings: front and top views. It may seem a little misleading with the front view labeled as steps 1, 2, and 3, but you will want to start at layer 0–the layer underneath the building. This creates the blueprint and al

lows for the glowing blocks to be the flooring. As stated above, you may choose any glowing block. I chose sea lantern because I like the look of it.

After digging out layer 0, you’ll want to start doing the front view of the building. You may change them as you please, but this layout is the closest to the ones in the games (Fire Red & Leaf Green to be exact). The sides and back is oaks-lableft out as you may do whatever you please to them. You may add more windows or keep them completely blocked out. I added windows to allow more light to shine through them at night.

Keys are included per building. These are also the colors (aside from the doors) that are used in game. I recommend choosing blocks that fit the same color description to make your building look close to those in the game. For the homes, I have chosen (in order of the key): glass, iron block, sea lantern block, red hardened clay, and oak doors. For Oak’s lab, I have chosen (in order of the key): glass, sea lantern block, birch wood planks, polished andesite, and dark oak doors. 

Lastly, add in torches! They’ll keep the town lit at night and some monsters too. I say some as it is inevitable for them to invade your region (unless you turned on the peaceful setting). Things just go bump in the night!

Review your town and add your own personal touches if need be. If everything is A-ok, congratulations! You have created your first town! Creating portals to make each building interactive will come soon when I figure them out. Until then, onto Route 1!


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