Latest News & Updates

tuesday, 6 december 2016 [04:00 AM HST]

I have published a few informational pages that may be useful on your journey! They are not 100% complete, as there are some information that needs to be added as well as some linkage between pages. However, the bulk of the information is there. Here are the (semi)completed pages:

Poke’ Finder snapshot locations
Z-Crystals and How to Use Them
Location of Zygarde Cores & Cells

I am also in the process of completing the third grand trial guide as well as other informational pages. I’ll update you when pages are published!

Smell ya later!


Hey trainers! It’s December, and the game has officially been out for 3 weeks. 3 weeks went by super quick. I unfortunately was not able to get up all the walkthroughs in the time I would’ve liked, but eh, now I understand how to write them for future games to come! I’ll try to stick to my schedule and get the last couple important walkthroughs done. I’ve been also debating on doing a post-game guide, just to clean up a couple extra things that were missed in the initial run through. I’ll be sure to update you as well.

Smell ya later!